March 2018

ALDI SOUTH Germany wins Fairtrade Award

For their commitment to fair trade, ALDI SOUTH was granted the first place in the 'retail' category of the Fair Trade Award hosted by TransFair e.V.. The award honours both the company's long-term commitment to fair trade and the high degree of publicity provided to fairly traded products.

Fair products for all: in over 1,800 German stores, ALDI SOUTH offers products certified in accordance with the Fairtrade standard, making fairly traded merchandise available to millions of customers – at affordable prices for everyone. 

Moreover, in order to increase public awareness of Fairtrade, ALDI SOUTH regularly informs on fair trade in the highly circulated customer magazine, on the corporate websites, at stores, and in the weekly product leaflet. Special promotional campaigns, such as the 'fair week' or the 'fair breakfast' with free product samples being offered at stores, complement these communication measures. 

"Beyond the existing high requirements to be fulfilled by our product range, cooperation with TransFair offers us an additional opportunity for promoting social and environmental standards throughout the global retail industry,“ says Dr Julia Adou, Corporate Responsibility Director at ALDI SOUTH Germany. 

In collaboration with TransFair, ALDI SOUTH has been supporting cooperatives of coffee smallholders in Honduras since 2016 in order to improve the living and working conditions of famers and their families. 

The Fairtrade Award

Every two years, TransFair honours particularly committed companies and civil groups with the Fairtrade Award. In order to qualify for the award, industry and retail companies must combine their economic success with social responsibility and consistently use Fairtrade-certified products. Furthermore, organisations and projects which advocate fair trade in an outstanding manner are also honoured with the award. The award is granted within the categories 'producer', 'retail', 'civil society', and 'newcomer'. 

Dr Julia Adou (ALDI SOUTH, 2nd from left) and Rayk Mende (ALDI North, 2nd from right) accepting the Fairtrade Award within the ‘retail’ category.

December 2017

ALDI SOUTH Group publishes International Position Statement on Sustainable Product Packaging

The position paper on sustainable product packaging explains the international strategy defined by the ALDI SOUTH Group to improve the sustainability of product packaging. The strategy is based on three pillars of cooperation: with external partners for optimising packaging design, with suppliers concerning packaging innovations, and internal cooperation within the scope of an international packaging project group.

Furthermore, the position paper also provides an overview of the specific measures taken to increase the sustainability of product packaging. These measures are above all developed and implemented independently by each of the ALDI SOUTH national entities.

The international position paper on sustainable product packaging can be accessed here.

December 2017

ALDI SOUTH Group publishes International Position Statement on Animal Welfare

By stipulating demanding standards and strict requirements to be fulfilled by its suppliers, ALDI SOUTH contributes to the improvement of animal welfare. 

The now published 'International Position Statement on Animal Welfaredefines the key areas of action which the ALDI SOUTH Group will increasingly focus on within each of its national markets over the next few years. In addition, the position statement also includes an overview of all measures already taken to improve animal welfare. 

The position outlined within the 'International Position Statement on Animal Welfare' is further defined and implemented independently by the national organisations of the ALDI SOUTH Group.

Please access the International Position Statement here.

November 2017

ALDI SOUTH Group publishes its Company Carbon Footprint 2016

The ALDI SOUTH Group adopted an international climate strategy in 2014. In it, we have defined the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions per square metre of sales area by the year 2020 in every national organisation by 30% against the year 2012.

We are monitoring our progress by calculating the Company Carbon Footprint (CCF) for all of our business processes and locations every two years in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol). The CCF analysis shows us the main emission sources and thus enables us to focus on the most important fields of action with regard to climate protection. Across our European countries of operation, we have already achieved or even exceeded our climate goal.

Throughout our European countries of operation, the absolute level of greenhouse gas emissions produced in stores significantly decreased by up to 71% compared to the base year of 2012. This was achieved through increased energy efficiency and modernisation, the transition to green electricity, increased use of photovoltaic (PV) systems, and positive developments in the area of refrigerant leakages. Read more… 

September 2017

CR update for 2016, now including the results of the ALDI SOUTH Group's Company Carbon Footprint 2016

The data update for 2016, which was originally published in July of this year, now also includes the results of the ALDI SOUTH Group's Company Carbon Footprint 2016. The latest version of this data update is available online and can be downloaded as a PDF file.

August 2017

ALDI SOUTH is the first discount retailer to be accepted as member of the United Nations' sustainability network

The ALDI SOUTH Group is the first German food retailer to join the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). The world's largest initiative for sustainable and responsible business management is funded and run by the United Nations. By joining this initiative, ALDI SOUTH is among the first food retailers in Germany to commit to the ten universal sustainability principles concerning the areas of human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption within its corporate strategy and to implement these principles within the scope of its daily business operations.

In 2016, ALDI SOUTH published its first ever sustainability report therefore initiating a transparent and open dialogue on its comprehensive sustainability-related activities. The discount retailer is implementing numerous measures and projects in order to contribute to environmental protection and animal welfare, and to interact responsibly with employees, customers, business partners, and society. For example, ALDI SOUTH is engaging in the German animal welfare initiative ('Initiative Tierwohl') and supports the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh and the Greenpeace Detox Project.

"Our current engagement is already in line with the principles of the UN Global Compact. For this reason, it was only logical for us to join this initiative", says Sven van den Boomen, Managing Director Corporate Responsibility International at ALDI SOUTH. "With our annual progress report, we publicly demonstrate our progress made and the measures taken with regard to the sustainability principles."

The UNGC is a voluntary initiative which is open for companies of any size and from all industry sectors which commit to sustainable business operations and their overall societal responsibility. Compliance with the ten UNGC principles is regularly monitored and the members of this initiative are required to prepare corresponding reports on an annual basis. By becoming a member of the UNGC, ALDI SOUTH also joins more than 12,000 companies and organisations based in 170 countries.

For further information on the UNGC, please visit

July 2017

ALDI SOUTH publishes CR update for 2016

Last year, we published our first-ever Corporate Responsibility report. We use this report to communicate what we as an international business group have already achieved in the field of sustainability, and what we plan to achieve in future. In addition, we use the report to present the individual sustainability projects we are currently undertaking across the countries in which we operate.

The key figures from 2015 which were published within the scope of this report have now been revised to reflect the developments of 2016.

On the one hand, these key figures illustrate our progress in the areas of Strategy, Supply Chain, People, Community, and Environment. On the other hand, they also serve to identify areas where further action is required. During the past year, we have been able to make progress in many areas, for example, 40% of our coffee volume sourced and more than 76% of our fish and seafood products were of sustainable origin in 2016 – a significant increase compared to 2015.

The data update for 2016 can be found online or downloaded in PDF format, and will be supplemented by the key figures from the Company Carbon Footprint 2016 in September this year.

The next international Corporate Responsibility Report will be published as a digital sustainability platform in mid-2018.

June 2017

ALDI SOUTH commended as 'Green Cooling Leader'

For the third time already, ALDI SOUTH has received the award of 'Green Cooling Leader' by the non-governmental organisation 'Environmental Investigation Agency' (EIA) for its efforts in the area of climate-friendly refrigeration technology. In particular, ALDI SOUTH received special commendation for its large number of HFC-free refrigeration systems. The full report titled 'The Chilling Facts VII: Are supermarkets ready to quit HFCs?' can be accessed here

By adopting our international climate strategy in 2014, we have committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per square metre of sales area by the year 2020 in every national organisation by 30% against the year 2012. The refrigerants that we use also have a considerable impact on the climate. Even with the most modern equipment, the loss of some amount of refrigerant cannot be completely avoided. In order to minimise this effect, in all national organisations we continually check the equipment for leakage. In addition, we are replacing standard refrigerants with climate friendly alternatives. For further information on the ALDI SOUTH international climate strategy, please refer to our International Corporate Responsibility Report 2015.

March 2017

Our CR team in Bangladesh

In the area of textile production, ALDI SOUTH is increasingly assuming responsibility. In addition to Hong Kong, we have now also opened an office in Bangladesh where our colleagues on site ensure compliance with our textile production requirements. Our 'CR Unit' is managed by Nurul Azam, a native Bangladeshi who has considerable experience working as a manager in the areas of social standards, production facility audits, occupational health and safety, as well as training measures. During the opening ceremony for the new office, he provided us with insights into his daily Business. Read more...

February 2017

ALDI releases its Detox Progress Report on Textiles and Footwear Production

The ALDI SOUTH and ALDI North Groups are working to improve transparency. The two discount retailers are now publishing a joint Detox Progress Report which provides comprehensive insight into the development of conscientious, environmentally sound production practices for their textiles and footwear products. Read more...

ALDI joins international trade initiative BEPI

The ALDI North and ALDI SOUTH Groups have declared it their goal to improve the sustainability of their supply chains. For this reason, both discount retailers have now joined the Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI).  Read more...