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Memberships & Partnerships

Our Approach

We believe the best way to protect the people and the planet is through joint initiatives and partnerships. For this reason, we engage in multi-stakeholder initiatives.


amfori BEPI
Logo of amfori BEPI
Since 2017
amfori Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI)

For over 40 years, amfori has been the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade. Its mission is to support each of its members to enhance human rights, use natural resources responsibly, and drive open trade globally. It brings together over 2,000 retailers, importers, brands and associations. The ALDI SOUTH Group became a member of the Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI) in 2017.

Working together

amfori is run by Board of Directors representing the member’s interests from different countries and businesses. In June 2019, Anke Ehlers, Managing Director for Corporate Responsibility International of the ALDI SOUTH Group, was elected to the Board of Directors of amfori to represent ALDI SOUTH and ALDI Nord internationally. This shows the continuing dedication of ALDI to enhance sustainable development in our global supply chains.

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amfori BSCI
Logo of amfori BSCI
Since 2008
amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)

For over 40 years, amfori has been the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade. Its mission is to support each of its members to enhance human rights, use natural resources responsibly, and drive open trade globally. It brings together over 2,000 retailers, importers, brands and associations. The ALDI SOUTH Group became a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) in 2008.

Working together

amfori is run by Board of Directors representing the member’s interests from different countries and businesses. In June 2019, Anke Ehlers, Managing Director for Corporate Responsibility International of the ALDI SOUTH Group, was elected to the Board of Directors of amfori to represent ALDI SOUTH and ALDI Nord internationally. This shows the continuing dedication of ALDI to enhance sustainable development in our global supply chains.

The ALDI SOUTH Group is also an active member of the amfori Project Group ‘Social Issues in Food’, which unites retailer and producer members of amfori to tackle shared social and environmental issues in the food sector. A representative from ALDI SOUTH chairs the group.

The ALDI SOUTH Group and ALDI Nord Group of companies have joined UN Womenamfori and other leading companies from across Europe to increase their positive impact on gender diversity and inclusion. This is through the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Activator programme. The programme will contribute to closing the gender gap in the private sector while building business value. Its aim is to secure business leadership buy-in for gender equality as a foundation for companies and their global supply chains.

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Logo of CGF
Since 2020
Consumer Goods Forum (CGF)

In 2020, the ALDI SOUTH Group joined the Consumer Goods Forum (“CGF”), a global industry network that is driven by its members to encourage the global adoption of practices and standards that serves the consumer goods industry worldwide. It brings together the CEOs and senior management of some 400 retailers, manufacturers, service providers, and other stakeholders across 70 countries, and it reflects the diversity of the industry in geography, size, product category, and format.

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Logo of ETI
Since 2019
Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI)

In line with our responsible sourcing strategy to mitigate adverse human rights impacts of our business activities, the ALDI SOUTH Group was accepted as a Foundation stage member of the ETI in 2019. ETI is a global alliance of companies, trade unions, and NGOs that promotes respect for workers' rights. Our Social Standards in Production are aligned with the ETI Base Code.

Working together

Since joining ETI, the ALDI SOUTH Group has become a member in several working groups:

  • Italian Agriculture Working Group to establish an Italian Ethical Trade Forum in order to address social and environmental challenges facing Italian agriculture particularly related to the cultivation of produce.
  • Peruvian Horticulture Working Group to engage with key stakeholders both local and international - and including workers - to identify and implement collaborative action plans, which address poor working conditions and improve the lives of vulnerable workers.

Over the next five years, the ALDI SOUTH Group intends to address issues within its high priority supply chains via a number of measures.

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Logo of GIZ
Since 2019
German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ)

As a participant in the ‘German Retailer Working Group on Living Income and Living Wages’ established by the German Society for International Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit - GIZ), we want to support and promote the establishment of an income and wage standard that meets the cost of living in global agricultural supply chains. By joining forces in 2019 and aligning our approach with others, we aim to increase leverage to maximise our impact and ensure that farmers and workers in global agricultural supply chains have a decent standard of living.

The ‘German Retailer Working Group on Living Income and Living Wages’ has set itself the objective of coordinating and implementing joint activities in order to work towards the realisation of living wages and living income in global agricultural supply chains. A particular focus is on assessing living wage and living income gaps and piloting approaches to close identified gaps.

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Logo of IDH
Since 2019
IDH - The Sustainable Trade Initiative

IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative, brings governments, companies, CSOs and financiers together in action driven coalitions. The IDH orchestrates the powers of law, of entrepreneurship and investments to work together to create solutions for global sustainability issues at scale.

Working together

In 2019, IDH created the ‘Roadmap on Living Wages’ to develop aligned solutions for measuring and closing living wage gaps in global supply chains.  The ALDI SOUTH Group is part of IDH’s 'Living Wage Steering Committee' to address overall strategic issues related to the Roadmap  on Living Wages and oversee its development. Furthermore, the participating companies in the committee will monitor the implementation of the IDH Roadmap, including the development of tools to measure the living wage gap and approaches to close it.

Anke Ehlers, Managing Director Corporate Responsibility International (CRI) for the ALDI SOUTH Group: “A living income and wage are an important part of a successful and fair sustainable supply chain, it is a key way in which the ALDI SOUTH Group can protect human rights and reduce poverty. We are proud to engage with the IDH and work alongside our industry partners to improve the livelihoods of farmers and workers in global supply chains. We believe that the best way to create the greatest impact is through fostering alignment and through the continuation of long-term joint initiatives and partnerships.”

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Logo of Sedex
Since 2017
Sedex - Members Ethical Trade Audit

Sedex is one of the world’s leading ethical trade service providers, striving to improve working conditions in global supply chains. Sedex provides practical tools, services and a community network to help companies improve their responsible and sustainable business practices, and source sustainably. ALDI became a member in 2017. ALDI UK is also part of the Sedex Board.

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Logo of UNGC
Since 2017
UN Global Compact (UNGC)

In August 2017, the ALDI SOUTH Group was the first discount food retailer to join the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). By joining this initiative, we have committed to implementing the UN Global Compact's ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption as part of our corporate strategy and within the scope of our daily business operations.

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Supply Chains


Logo of SETF
Since 2018
Spain Ethical Trade Forum (SETF)

The Spain Ethical Trade Forum was launched in 2012 with the aim of creating a safe space where growers and packers of the agri-food sector could share experiences and discuss the challenges related to working conditions in the sector. The purpose is to jointly seek new ideas and share good practices to be implemented by the participating companies working as a team to improve labour conditions in the sector.

Since 2018, the ALDI SOUTH Group is a member of the Spain Ethical Trade Forum to actively support improvements of the living and working conditions in the Spanish agricultural sector.

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Logo of Accord
Since 2013
Accord on Fire and Building Safety

ALDI SOUTH was one of the first signatories of the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh in 2013 and 2017. By signing this independent, legally binding agreement we have committed to improve the safety of the Ready-Made Garments (RMG) factories in our Bangladesh supply chain. All production facilities in Bangladesh that produce textile products for ALDI are regularly inspected by the Accord/RSC. Any findings regarding health and safety issues are subsequently remediated. Additionally, our engineers located in our Dhaka offices regularly visit all production facilities that manufacture for ALDI in Bangladesh in order to identify and remediate findings in the area of fire, building and boiler safety.

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UN Women’s Empowerment Principles

By signing the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles in 2021, ALDI GB/IE has sent out an important signal showing its commitment to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Created by the UN Global Compact and UN Women, the Women’s Empowerment Principles are shaped by international labour and human rights standards. Its principles provide guidance to private sector organisations in promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment. The Women’s Empowerment Principles link to our position that all businesses have a responsibility for gender equality and women’s empowerment and for addressing any form of discrimination.

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Logo of BCI
Since 2017
Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)

In 2017, ALDI became a partner of The Better Cotton Initiative which seeks to  improve cotton farming globally. The Better Cotton Initiative seeks to reduce the negative impacts of cotton production on people and the planet. The basic principles of the BCI include training farmers on the elimination of harmful pesticides and the efficient use of water, the preservation of soil fertility, as well as the compliance with minimum social criteria and the prohibition of child and forced/bonded labour. Better Cotton is sourced via a system of mass balance.

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Logo of CmiA
Since 2016
Cotton made in Africa (CmiA)

Since 2016, ALDI has been a partner of Cotton made in Africa. Following the principle of 'helping others to help themselves', Cotton made in Africa provides smallholders with training in modern, efficient, and environmentally friendly cultivation methods. In addition to this, it also imparts basic knowledge of business and economics. Pre-financing measures, the protection of natural conservation areas, and the ban of genetically modified cottonseed are just as much a part of the CmiA standard as compliance with the ILO core labour standards and the promotion of women's equal rights.

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Tony's Open Chain Logo
Since 2020
Mission Ally of Tony’s Open Chain

As the first discount retailer, ALDI has joined Tony’s Open Chain. Tony’s Open Chain is an initiative by Tony’s Chocolonely, where they invite other chocolate brands to join Tony’s Open Chain and work together to change the norm in chocolate. By adopting the 5 Sourcing Principles for our new chocolate bar, ALDI has joined the mission to make chocolate 100% slave-free.

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Logo of GISCO
Since 2015
German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa (GISCO)

ALDI has been an active member of the German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa (GISCO) since 2015 and works with other members to achieve the initiative’s objectives. This multi-stakeholder initiative aims to improve the livelihood of cocoa farmers and their families, to contribute to a secure living, to conserve and protect natural resources and biodiversity in cocoa producing countries, as well as to increase cultivation and commercialisation of sustainably produced cocoa.

Working together

ALDI is actively engaged in the sustainability and PRO-PLANTEURS working groups, which focus on the implementation of GISCO’s goals and monitoring the PRO-PLANTEURS project.

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Logo of RCC
Since 2019
Retailer Cocoa Collaboration (RCC)

In September 2019, the ALDI SOUTH Group joined the newly formed Retailer Cocoa Collaboration (RCC), which commits to support the Cocoa and Forests Initiative. This initiative will drive change by protecting and restoring forests in Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, and Colombia. The RCC will also map collective cocoa supply chains to gain a greater understanding of the social and environmental risks found in production countries. The trader assessment conducted by RCC will also provide us with greater transparency and insight into lower supply chain tiers.

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Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa
Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa

By establishing the Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa in 2018, ALDI SUISSE became a member of the association for the promotion of sustainable cocoa (“Verein zur Förderung von nachhaltigem Kakao”). The members of the multi-stakeholder initiative with actors from the Swiss cocoa and chocolate industry, the public sector, civil society and research institutions actively work together to improve the living conditions of cocoa farmers, to protect natural resources and to promote biodiversity in the cocoa-producing countries. They are committed to coordinate a dialogue with authorities and organizations in producer countries, and to promote the demand and procurement of cocoa-based products with sustainable origins.

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Logo of Sustainable Coffee Challenge
Since 2020
Sustainable Coffee Challenge (SCC)

In 2020, the ALDI SOUTH Group became a member of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge (SCC). In the SCC, we collaborate with other retailers, traders, governments, NGOs, and research institutions on improving living and working conditions in the global coffee sector.

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Fish and seafood

Since 2020
Aquaculture Technical Committee of the certification scheme GLOBALG.A.P

Credible certification schemes like GLOBALG.A.P. are important tools to drive improvements and bolster our consumers’ trust. GLOBALG.A.P. sets standards for good agricultural and aquaculture practices (G.A.P.) and in May 2020, we followed the invitation to join the Aquaculture Technical Committee, which will enable us to promote improvements through a well-established dialogue with all relevant industry stakeholders.

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Logo of ODP
Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP)

ALDI UK/IE, ALDI Australia and ALDI US joined the Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP) to voluntarily disclose sourcing information on their wild caught seafood products. The ODP is a global platform and reporting framework dedicated to increasing transparency in global seafood supply chains. These ALDI countries will disclose a list of all the fisheries, catch method and environmental impact of its wild caught seafood.

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Logo of GDST
Since 2020
Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST)

In 2020, the ALDI SOUTH Group proudly joined the ‘Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability’ (GDST). This is another important step towards improving traceability throughout the fish and seafood supply chain and to fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.

The GDST is an international, business-to-business platform established to advance a unified framework for seafood traceability practices. The initiative brings together a broad spectrum of seafood industry stakeholders from across different parts of the seafood supply chain and  civil society experts.

ALDI’s goal is to source all of its seafood products from responsibly managed fisheries and farms, which have a minimal impact upon the wider marine environment. We believe the best way to protect the people and the planet is through joint initiatives and partnerships, like the GDST. We are committed to implement the ‘GDST 1.0 Standards and Guidelines for Interoperable Seafood Traceability Systems’ in our company and will work together with our suppliers for the implementation of the standard in our supply chain.

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Global Tuna Alliance
Since 2021
Global Tuna Alliance (GTA)

In May 2021, the ALDI SOUTH and ALDI Nord Groups have become partners of the Global Tuna Alliance (GTA). This partnership will support the sustainable development of our supply chains and ensures that the tuna ultimately meets the highest standards of environmental performance and social responsibility.

The Global Tuna Alliance is an independent group of retailers and tuna supply chain companies, who are committed to

  • realising harvest strategies for tuna fisheries,
  • avoiding Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated product,
  • improving traceability as well as environmental sustainability
  • progressing work on human rights in tuna fisheries,
  • implementing the objectives laid out in World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Tuna 2020 Traceability Declaration.
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Logo of STF
Since 2017
Seafood Task Force (STF)

Since 2017, the ALDI SOUTH Group is a member of the Seafood Task Force, a multi-stakeholder initiative seeking to address illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing in an effort to address human rights issues and marine conservational problems, which are believed to be closely interlinked.

The Seafood Task Force uses the combined knowledge and experience of its membership to address complex supply chain issues that cannot be solved individually. The aim is to achieve clean seafood supply chains from vessel to retailer through driving oversight and continuous improvement across people, product, process, and policy.

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Logo of SFP
Since 2012
Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP)

Since 2012, we have worked in collaboration with the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), a leading non-governmental organisation.  Their focus is to improve the sustainability of wild fisheries as well as aquaculture. The SFP acts as our independent adviser on fish sustainability and rates the sustainability of the fish and seafood used in our own label products and provide recommendations to drive continuous improvement of fisheries. Through our partnership, we can gain better insight into how to source more sustainable seafood products.

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Since 2010
WWF Austria (Marine protection)

Since 2010, we are collaborating with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in the field of sustainable fishing and aquaculture farming. The WWF acts as an independent adviser on fish sustainability and rates the sustainability of the fish and seafood used in our private label products. The WWF also provides us with recommendations to drive continuous improvement of fisheries and aquacultures.

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Logo of SNI
Since 2020
Sustainable Nut Initiative (SNI)

Since 2020, the ALDI SOUTH Group has been an active participant of the Sustainable Nut Initiative (SNI). The SNI is a coalition of key players in global nut supply chains. Their aim is to bring the nut sector to a higher level in terms of professionalism, sustainability, and quality.

ALDI seeks to strengthen relationships along the supply chain, as well as to develop scalable approaches for improving traceability and sustainable farming practice. Starting with an initial focus on cashew supply chains, we are dedicated to working together within the SNI network to share best practise models and set industry standards.

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UTZ Hazelnut
Logo of UTZ Hazelnut
Since 2017
UTZ Hazelnut Programme

The ALDI SOUTH Group joined the UTZ hazelnut programme in 2017. The UTZ programme is the first independent, third party certification program in the hazelnut sector. It brings together a strong coalition of over a hundred organisations worldwide to tackle sustainability challenges in the hazelnut sector. Over 6,800 hazelnut farmers in Turkey, which is the largest producer of hazelnuts globally, and Georgia now apply the UTZ standards for sustainable farming which are connected to 80% of the largest exporters.

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Palm oil

Four Palm oil pulps and Palm Oil Transparency Coalition logo
Copyright: POTC
Since 2017
Palm Oil Transparency Coalition (POTC)

We are founding member of the Palm Oil Transparency Coalition (POTC). POTC is a group of businesses working together in a pre-competitive coalition to remove deforestation and exploitation from the palm oil sector. We engage and review the major international importers of palm oil to determine their progress towards tackling deforestation and exploitation in their palm oil supply chains. Our approach aims to promote transparency and encourage progress beyond certification.

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Logo of Retailers' Palm Oil Group
Since 2012
Retailers' Palm Oil Group (RPOG)

The ALDI SOUTH Group has been a member of the Retailers' Palm Oil Group (RPOG) since 2012. RPOG is a non-competitive coalition of retailers who have the common aim of making the use of sustainable palm oil the norm across all relevant supply chains.

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Logo of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
Since 2011
Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

In 2011, the ALDI SOUTH Group became a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), a not-for-profit organisation that unites stakeholders from the palm oil industry to develop and implement global standards for sustainable palm oil. The RSPO has more than 4,800 members worldwide who represent all links along the palm oil supply chain. They have committed to produce, source and/or use sustainable palm oil certified by the RSPO.

Working together

Since 2019, the ALDI SOUTH Group is the only retail representative of the RSPO Smallholder Standing Committee (SHSC). The SHSC’s responsibilities include overseeing the execution of the RSPO Smallholder Strategy and decision making throughout the implementation of the RSPO Smallholder Strategy.

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Logo of Retail Soy Group
Since 2017
Retail Soy Group (RSG)

The ALDI SOUTH Group joined the Retail Soy Group (RSG) in 2017. The RSG is an independent group of international retailers collaborating pre-competitively to find industry-wide solutions for sustainable soy for their animal feed and food supply chains.

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Logo of RTRS
Since 2017
Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS)

The ALDI SOUTH Group became a member of the Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) in 2017. The RTRS is a global platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue to promote responsible production, processing and trading of soy on a global level. Its mission is to encourage soybean production to be verified by a certification standard and produced in a responsible manner. Its objective is to reduce the social and environmental impacts of soy while maintaining or improving the economic status for the producer.

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Log of STC
Since 2020
Soy Transparency Coalition (STC)

We are a founding member of the Soy Transparency Coalition (STC), which was established in 2020. The STC is a pre-competitive coalition whose aim is to help deliver a sustainable soy production system. The STC does this by engaging with major international soy traders on tackling deforestation and transparency challenges in soy supply chains.

More: Soy Transparency Coalition


Logo of LWG
Since 2016
Leather Working Group (LWG)

The Leather Working Group (LWG) is a not-for-profit membership organisation for stakeholders across the leather supply chain. The LWG has developed audit protocols designed to certify leather manufacturers according to their environmental compliance and performance capabilities. The Group aims to promote sustainable business practices and create alignment on environmental priorities throughout membership and the industry as a whole. The ALDI SOUTH Group became a member in 2016.

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Bündnis für nachhaltige Textilien
Logo of Bündnis für nachhaltige Textilien
Since 2015
Partnership for Sustainable Textiles

ALDI SOUTH Germany became a member of the German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles (German: Bündnis für nachhaltige Textilien) in 2015. This multi-stakeholder partnership was founded to improve social and environmental conditions within global textile production.

Working together

In the context of our membership in the 'Partnership for Sustainable Textiles', we actively work on the topic of living wages by being a member of the Partnership Initiative on living wages since 2019.  Within this initiative, we are working on the improvement of our purchasing practices as these can have an immense impact on the working conditions and wage payments in production facilities used for ALDI production.As a first step, we conducted a purchasing practices self-assessment, involving our international buying, design and quality departments. Based on this gap analysis, we have developed a comprehensive roadmap together with our buying colleagues with concrete measures aiming at responsible purchasing practices. Together with other brands we have now established a peer learning group to find solutions for challenges and share best practices.

In July 2020, the ALDI SOUTH Group and 13 other members of the ‘Partnership for Sustainable Textiles’ joined the Partnership Initiative Wastewater with the aim to ensure sustainable wastewater management in the textile supply chain.

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Tropical fruit

Logo of WBF
Since 2017
World Banana Forum (WBF)

The World Banana Forum (WBF), coordinated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, promotes the worldwide adoption of best practices for sustainable banana production and trade. They provide a space where retailers, importers, producers, exporters, consumer associations, governments, research institutions, trade unions, and civil society organizations can discuss the problems facing the banana sector and seek solutions. The ALDI SOUTH Group became a member in 2017.

Working together

We involved in the working group ‘Covering Costs of Sustainable Production’ since 2018, its aim is to create transparency concerning living income and wages in the production countries.

In this context, we also support the World Banana Forum’s Living Wage Advocacy Initiative (LIWIN), which works towards the establishment of living income and wage benchmarks in several banana exporting countries and living income/wage advocacy activities with government, private sector, and civil society organisations in major European importing countries.

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Logo of Science Based Targets Initiative
Since 2020
Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)

The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) is a collaboration between Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). It defines and promotes best practice in science-based target setting and independently assesses companies’ targets.

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Forest protection

Since 2020
Cerrado Statement of Support (SoS) Group

In 2020, the ALDI SOUTH Group signed the Statement of Support (SoS) for the Cerrado Manifesto.  We are working in the SoS Group together with other companies to engage local and international stakeholders to protect the native vegetation in the Cerrado, Brazil.

The Brazilian Cerrado is the world’s most biodiverse savannah and after the Amazon rainforest it is the second largest biome in South America. Protection is urgently necessary, as rates of deforestation and land conversion in the Cerrado are even higher than in the Amazon: The Cerrado region has already lost 50% of its original area mainly due to soy production and cattle ranching. 

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Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS)
Since 2019
Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS)

The ALDI SOUTH Group joined Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) as a member in 2019. AWS is a global multi-stakeholder initiative driving good water stewardship performance through the International Water Stewardship Standard (AWS Standard). Together with AWS and its members, we are championing good water stewardship and the sustainable use of water in our supply chains.

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Sustainable Development Goals

17 Partnerships for the goals


Human Rights

Principle 1

Support and respect the protection of human rights


Principle 3

Uphold freedom of association and recognition of right to collective bargaining

Principle 4

Elimination of forced and compulsory labour

Principle 5

Abolition of child labour

Principle 6

Elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation


Principle 9

Development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies


Principle 10

Work against corruption in all its forms

GRI references

GRI 102: General disclosures 2016

Global Reporting Initiative 102-12 Global Reporting Initiative 102-13