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Our Profile

Simplicity, consistency and responsibility are core values of the ALDI SOUTH Group. Our business model is simple: great quality at the best price, fair and honest product offers, and efficient business processes. In all we do, we assume responsibility towards our customers, business partners, employees, the community, and the environment.

Our focus on the essentials and the use of the discount principle has made the ALDI SOUTH Group the leading international retailer it is today. Our carefully selected own brands form the heart of our core product range. These allows us to offer a range of great quality products at the best price.

Throughout our eleven countries of operation, we offer between 1,484 and 1,835 core range products and a changing selection of special buys every week. In some countries, we also offer services, such as travel bookings, telephone and photo services, the sale of green electricity, internet streaming, or flower delivery. In addition, our customers in Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom and China can shop online at ALDI.

Our Approach

Decentralised operations and international alignment

Our decentralised business model has been a key factor in shaping the growth that the ALDI SOUTH Group has experienced. Our knowledge of national and regional markets allow us to tailor our product range to meet the needs of our customers.

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> 2,100 Stores
25 Distribution centres
> 51,100 Employees
UK flag


> 950 Stores
11 Distribution centres
> 39,200 Employees
Ireland flag

ALDI Ireland

> 140 Stores
2 Distribution centres
> 4,700 Employees
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> 220 Stores
3 Distribution centres
> 3,900 Employees
More: ALDI Suisse
Italy flag

ALDI Italy

> 130 Stores
2 Distribution centres
> 2,300 Employees
More: ALDI Italy
ALDI SOUTH brand symbol

International Management Holding

> 850 Employees
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ALDI SÜD Germany

> 1,970 Stores
26 Distribution centres
> 47,300 Employees
More: ALDI SÜD Germany
Austrian flag

HOFER Austria

> 530 Stores
6 Distribution centres
> 11,500 Employees
More: HOFER Austria
Flag Slovenia

HOFER Slovenia

> 80 Stores
1 Distribution centre
> 1,900 Employees
More: HOFER Slovenia
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ALDI Hungary

> 150 Stores
1 Distribution centres
> 4,300 Employees
More: ALDI Hungary
China flag

ALDI China

> 20 Stores
> 700 Employees
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Flag Australia

ALDI Australia

> 570 Stores
8 Distribution centres
> 14,000 Employees
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Sustainability is at the core of our business model

In all we do, we assume responsibility towards our customers, business partners, employees, the community, and the environment. Our CR Principles summarise our commitments to people and planet. They guide all of us in our day-to-day actions.

Legal structure

The family-owned business, initially founded in 1913, was divided in 1961 to form two groups of companies: ALDI SOUTH and ALDI North. These two business groups have remained linked by family ties, but both are legally and economically independent entities. With the exception of Germany, both groups operate in different countries. (ALDI international: ALDI.com)

Our international operations are bundled and coordinated under the umbrella of ALDI SÜD KG in Austria. The national operations in Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, and Italy are collectively referred to as HOFER S/E (South East). Further national operations exist in the USA, the UK and Ireland, Australia and China. In Germany, our business is operated by a group of independent regional companies.

The international departments in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, and Salzburg, Austria, provide IT-related, auditing, buying, supply chain, corporate responsibility as well as finance and administration services for all of the companies throughout the ALDI SOUTH Group.

The Asian Office in Hong Kong provides support for the companies of the ALDI SOUTH Group in the area of buying. For the implementation of CR goals in Asia, we are additionally supported by our CR Units in Hong Kong and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Key Figures

Sustainable Development Goals

17 Partnerships for the goals


Human Rights

Principle 1

Support and respect the protection of human rights

Principle 2

Not complicit in human rights abuses


Principle 3

Uphold freedom of association and recognition of right to collective bargaining

Principle 4

Elimination of forced and compulsory labour

Principle 5

Abolition of child labour

Principle 6

Elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation


Principle 7

Precautionary approach to environmental challenges

Principle 8

Promote environmental responsibility

Principle 9

Development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies


Principle 10

Work against corruption in all its forms

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