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May 2021

Our Roadmap to making sustainability affordable to our customers by 2030

With its “Roadmap to Vision 2030”, the ALDI SOUTH Group has set itself ambitious and long-term objectives in the areas of human rights, resource efficiency and zero carbon.

“Making sustainability affordable to our customers”; this ambitious vision is at the heart of ALDI’s new global Corporate Responsibility Strategy. The “Roadmap to Vision 2030” defines the actions that will guide the day-to-day implementation of the strategy. Just like the strategy, the Roadmap will report ALDI’s progress against global sustainability issues.

Focus area: Human rights
Focus area: Resource efficiency
Focus area: Zero carbon

Human Rights: Using our buying power to respect human rights

We are committed to respecting human rights and improving living and working conditions throughout our supply chains.

Commitments Actions (Excerpts) Target
Achieving supply chain transparency
  • Conducting human rights impact assessments
Partnering for change
  • Strengthening and establishing partnerships in our high-priority supply chains
Increasing public awareness for human rights
  • Being an advocate for human rights
Upholding human rights for workers
  • Providing workers in selected high-priority supply chains access to a grievance mechanism
Integrating corporate responsibility into buying
  • Integrating all high-priority supply chains into our CR Supplier Evaluation

Resource Efficiency: Using resources wisely and protecting ecosystems

Our aspiration is that our products are made in a sustainable way and that we consider environmental and social criteria in our global supply chains.

Commitments Actions (Excerpts) Target
Tackling packaging
  • Making all own brand packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable
Reducing food and operational waste
  • Diverting 90% of food and operational waste from landfill and incineration
Sourcing sustainably
  • Eliminating deforestation in our high-priority supply chains
Designing and producing products responsibly
  • Introducing closed-loop products into product ranges


Zero Carbon: Doing our part to limit global warming

Our goal is to minimise the ecological footprint of our corporate activities by lowering our own greenhouse gas emissions and those of our suppliers and by ensuring that our products do not have a detrimental impact on the environment.

Commitments Actions (Excerpts) Target
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our operations
  • Reducing operational GHG emissions by 26%
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our supply chains
  • Encouraging our suppliers to set science-based targets


From 2022, the ALDI SOUTH Group will transparently report progress in the implementation of its international CR strategy on an annual basis. This reporting will be based on ALDI’s “Roadmap to Vision 2030”.


ALDI CR Vision 2030

Human Rights

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CR into buying

Sustainable Development Goals

1 No poverty 2 Zero hunger 5 Gender equality 7 Affordable and clean energy 8 Decent work and economic growth 10 Reduced inequalities 12 Responsible consumption and production 13 Climate action 14 Life below water 15 Life on land 17 Partnerships for the goals