Quality and product design

Quality control at every stage of production

ALDI applies specific criteria to its textiles products, namely that they are very easy to clean, have a stable form, and are durable. They are not allowed to show signs of premature wear and tear, to shrink in the wash, or to lose their shape. We regularly ensure the fulfilment of these criteria: Already prior to production, various inspections and tests are conducted on product and material samples. During production, additional samples are taken and inspections and tests are then repeated by an accredited testing institute authorised by ALDI. In addition to this, random samples of the final products are taken in order to test for production errors, such as poorly sewn seams, holes, incorrect dimensions, soiling, etc.

In future, we will assess the option of supporting university projects in the area of product durability and collaborating with scientific institutes, for example, the Textile and Clothing Technology Faculty at Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Germany.