Portrait of Sven van den Boomen, Managing Director Corporate Responsibility International

Dear Reader,

Simple, responsible, consistent – this is how we conduct our business operations in 11 countries. Our responsibility for people, planet, and climate forms the guideline for all our actions. With this second Corporate Responsibility Report, we provide information about how we assume responsibility within the central fields of action related to our business operations Customers, Supply chain (Resources and Suppliers), People, Community, and Environment. We report on our approaches pursued, our goals, our progress made, and our future challenges.

Since the publication of our first CR Report for the business year 2015 in summer 2016, we have made significant progress in many fields of action. In order to learn more about our achievements, please click here. For further information on key figures from the area of Corporate Responsibility, please refer to the section titled Facts and figures.

In summer 2017, we joined the Global Compact, the United Nations’ sustainability network. Committing to the ten principles of the Global Compact is another important step of our responsibility journey. With the present report, we provide information regarding our progress made with respect to the implementation of these ten principles (Communication on Progress, see also here).

The United Nations have defined the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be implemented between 2016 and 2030. Together with the Global Compact, the SDGs form the basis for the further development of our sustainability strategy. These include, for example, our current measures for the further development of our climate strategy in line with the requirements stipulated by SDG 13, which is called Climate action. Climate protection is of vital importance to global development, and limiting global warming is a precondition for achieving many of the SDGs. By the year 2020, we intend to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions per square metre of sales floor by 30% compared to the year 2012. In most of our countries of operation, we have achieved this goal already.

Our future climate strategy will be based on the goal of limiting global warming to well below two degrees Celsius (2 °C) compared to pre-industrial times, as defined within the Paris Agreement. In collaboration with experts, we are currently evaluating the consequences of this goal for our business operations and potential contributions to climate protection to be made throughout our supply chain.

The present international CR Report provides an overview of the topics addressed at international level by the national organisations of the ALDI SOUTH Group. We selected the topics to be included in our CR Report based on our stakeholders' expectations, our actual or potential abilities to make a change (materiality analysis), as well as our general beliefs as detailed in our CR Principles.

In addition to the activities covered by this report, all national organisations of the ALDI SOUTH Group take various other measures, participate in initiatives and projects, and address a broad variety of topics. For further information on the tasks pursued by the national organisations, please refer to the links provided under "International activities" at the end of each chapter.

We hope you enjoy reading our CR Report and are looking forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to send us your questions and comments via email to

Sven van den Boomen
Managing Director Corporate Responsibility International on behalf of the companies of the ALDI SOUTH Group

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