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March 2022

ALDI partners with the Red Cross, Caritas and SOS Kinderdorf to distribute humanitarian relief for Ukraine

The ALDI SOUTH Group has pledged €5 million in donations and will initially partner with the Red Cross, Caritas and SOS-Kinderdorf to distribute humanitarian aid across the Ukraine and neighbouring countries. It will provide food aid, clean water, medical provision, emergency access to shelter, transportation services, legal advice, accommodation, and general provisions.

The response to the war will be complex and ongoing and the ALDI SOUTH Group intends to offer both emergency and long-term support.  In the first instance donations of approximately €1 million of products and monetary contributions have been distributed promptly to assist emergency humanitarian relief efforts and fulfil direct needs. A further €1.2 million in financial contributions will be shared between the Red Cross, Caritas and SOS Kinderdorf.

Austrian Red Cross

Through its volunteers, the Red Cross is working closely with the victims in Ukraine and surrounding areas. The ALDI SOUTH Group will provide a financial contribution toward an immediate emergency disaster relief procedure. This fund will give access to medical supplies, food and infrastructure, including shelter and clean water and will also be used to distribute hygiene packs and blankets.

Caritas Austria

Caritas is an internationally operating non-profit organisation and as such is involved in foreign and disaster relief with the international Caritas network, assisting and helping people fleeing Ukraine. ALDI will donate toward Caritas’s protection efforts for people on the move both within Ukraine and in the neighbouring countries. The money will be used toward transportation services, food packages, legal advice, accommodations, and general provisions to those in need

SOS Kinderdorf

SOS-Kinderdorf focuses on providing care to families and children who are at risk. ALDI’s financial support will help the resettlement of Ukrainian refugees, families, and children who are currently in the bordering countries of Poland, Slovakia, and Romania. This donation will also provide emergency shelters and support to deal with stress and shock.

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ALDI Hungary

ALDI Hungary will also be delivering additional product donations to the Ukrainian border. This activity is being carried out in collaboration with aid organisations, and the products will go directly to the most affected regions.

In the medium to long-term, the rest of the relief fund will be used to help rebuild communities and where this is not possible, it will provide aid for the resettlement of individuals and families. ALDI will continue to closely monitor developments. Our priority is to provide help as much and where we can, while working together with reliable international NGOs and local authorities.


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