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Healthy Nutrition

A balanced diet from sustainable food systems is key to the long-term health of people and the planet. The ALDI SOUTH Group wants to make healthy nutrition simple, sustainable, and affordable. 

Why choose healthy food

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A balanced diet is the basis for our health and development. It strengthens our immune system and lowers the risk of non-communicable diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Around the world, people are facing many challenges when it comes to staying healthy. Obesity is one of the leading causes of premature death world-wide, affecting people in rich and poor countries alike. Approximately 65% of the world’s population now live in countries where more people die because of complications from being overweight or obese than from hunger. 

At ALDI, we are determined to make healthy nutrition affordable by offering a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, and foods that suit a whole range of special diets. 

Our goal:

Our goal is to encourage an affordable and healthy diet for all current and future customers by empowering them to make well-informed and healthier choices. 

Enabling our customers to make healthier choices

As a global food retailer, we recognise the role that ALDI must play in addressing the challenges surrounding healthy nutrition. We want to go beyond sustainable sourcing practices to ensure that we stock high quality, nutritious foods. 

Our targets for Healthy Nutrition are set individually within each of our countries of operation, with the aim of working on one or more of these overarching goals: 

  • Reformulate existing products to make them healthier, by reducing fat, salt, sugar, additives, and unwanted contaminants and increasing fibre and the share of plant-based protein.
  • Adjust our product portfolio by listing healthier and more innovative product types and assortments, such as plant-based alternatives.
  • Provide nutrition labelling with intuitive information so that consumers can immediately assess the nutritional quality of processed and packaged foods. 
  • Drive forward the education on a nutritious and balanced diet to encourage healthy nutrition by sharing recipes online and sharing information via nutrition reports. 

ALDI markets driving healthy nutrition

ALDI’s ambitious healthy nutrition agenda includes offering a variety of minimally processed, natural foods, including fermented foods. The new premium organic range “Nur Nur Natur” offers the highest organic standards, maximum taste and the purest of ingredients. The range is free from unnecessary additives, flavour-enhancing ingredients and added flavours. 
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HOFER has been collaborating with experts and suppliers since 2017 to reformulate products by reducing salt and sugar in own-brand products. The focus is on categories that contain high levels of hidden salt such as frozen foods and hidden sugar such as breakfast cereals. By 2026, HOFER will have salt and sugar limits in place for these product categories. 
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ALDI was the first supermarket in Australia to eliminate the flavour enhancer monosodium glutamate from all their own-brand food and beverage products. 
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United Kingdom: 
ALDI UK has reached 2 million children with its “Get Set to Eat Fresh” initiative –  an engaging and inspiring programme focused on educating children aged 5-14 on the importance of a balanced diet, teaching them how to cook healthy food for themselves. ALDI UK has revised their marketing policies to prohibit advertising unhealthy food products to anyone under 16 years old, also prohibiting the use of cartoon characters on the packaging of products with a poor nutritional rating. We are working towards the reformulation of products in the UK market – with similar efforts in Germany and Austria – by the end of 2025. 
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Health people for a healthy planet

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Healthy diets are inextricably linked to healthy food production systems. The ALDI SOUTH Group is committed towards promoting more sustainable diets with fewer environmental impacts. By addressing healthy nutrition as part of our Global Sustainability Strategy, we aim to not only have a positive impact on people’s health, but also to positively influence the reduction of GHG emissions, fostering animal welfare and strengthening human rights.