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Our Focus Areas

Sustainability is one of the most relevant and pressing topics of our time. How sustainable we act now will influence our planet and the life of future generations. At the ALDI SOUTH Group, responsibility is one of our core values and we need to act quickly and change the way we do business. By addressing pressing social and environmental problems, we can use our scale and influence to have the greatest impact on people and nature.

What is ALDI's Sustainability Strategy?

Our Global Sustainability Strategy sets our business up to embed sutainability practices in all areas of the business. This strategy is not only a plan with clear objectives, but also an attitude and culture which we are cultivating throughout the organisation.

In order to identify which issues we prioritise and focus on as part of the strategy, we used internationally recognised principles and frameworks such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the UN Global Compact. We also conducted a comprehensive stakeholder survey, a social and environmental risk assessment, and human rights impact assessments.

Actions speak louder than words

Sustainability has multiple facets - establishing safe and fair working conditions, reducing CO2 emissions and improving animal welfare, to name just a few examples. There are many moving parts behind the scenes in order to put sustainable products and packaging onto every ALDI shelf. Find out what driving sustainability at the ALDI South Group looks like and discover the full scope in our Work in Action section.