Packages containing food donations
June 2018

Partnering with Feeding America, Northern Illinois Food Bank for Disaster Relief

On 19 June, over 600 ALDI employees volunteered to pack relief boxes in partnership with Feeding America and the Northern Illinois Food Bank to help those who were affected by natural disasters.  

Disaster Relief

ALDI regularly helps the community in the form of disaster relief. When disasters strike, boxes are distributed to those affected. These boxes are filled with nonperishable items such as canned soup, fruit cups, granola bars and peanut butter. Organizations like Feeding America and the Northern Illinois Food Bank make it their mission to get food and supplies to those experiencing hardship.

ALDI participated in a similar volunteer event in 2017, packing 2,000 relief boxes for Feeding America. When Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria hit, the ALDI boxes were sent to those affected by the storms. As ALDI believes in giving back, the amount of boxes was increased to 3,000 in 2018. They will be shipped to four strategically placed Feeding America warehouses across the US. This allows for fast, effective deployment during a natural disaster.

About the Event

Employees began the day with a message from ALDI USA President Dave Behm. Matt Knott, President of Feeding America, and Julie Yurko, President & C.E.O. of Northern Illinois Food Bank, described how acts of kindness make a difference to struggling individuals and families. 
Employees signed up for specific tasks including box building and packing, box transportation, pallet building, table restocking, cardboard breakdown, silverware packing and note writing. A DJ pumped popular tunes to motivate and keep volunteers moving. 

ALDI employees are packing packages with food donations.

ALDI’s Community Contributions

ALDI offers high-quality products at affordable prices, but also aims at building strong communities. During the event, Feeding America was given a $100,000 donation to assist with efforts. The ALDI stores partner year-round with Feeding America food banks by donating overstocked food. 

For further information, please visit the ALDI US blog and the ALDI US website.


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