Apple and pear in cardboard packaging
October 2021

Cardboard wins: HOFER Austria receives international packaging award for sustainable fruit baskets

Functionality, design and sustainability –these three attributes, helped HOFER win the European Carton Excellence Award 2021 in the “Food & Drink” category for their practical folding cartons for stone fruit.

HOFER Austria won the European Carton Makers Association (ECMA) international packaging award. In addition to the functionality and the simple but practical design, the environmentally friendly material made of cardboard was also part of the winning argument.

The containers for fruits such as plums and apricots, represent a practical alternative to plastic packaging. This "cardboard fruit basket" is a showcase packaging for the industry, demonstrating how packaging can be designed differently and is another step in the right direction towards the use of less plastic.

The ALDI SOUTH Group is working closely with its business partners to push for more environmental-friendly packaging options across its product range and to pave the way to a circular economy.

ALDI's international packaging targets for the end of 2025 are the following:

  • All ALDI own brand product packaging have to be recyclable, compostable or reusable.
  • The total weight of our ALDI own brand product packaging shall be reduced by 15% in relation to sales.
  • All plastic packaging for our own brand plastic packaging should contain an average of 30% recycled content.

As part of our focus area “Resource Efficiency” of our International CR Strategy, sustainable packaging is a key activity. Plastic plays a particularly important role here: wherever unnecessary plastic packaging can be removed, we will eliminate or replace it by other environmentally friendly alternatives.


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Tackling packaging

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