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November 2021

Building trust and making a difference: The first year of ALDI’s Fairtrade cocoa impact report in Côte d’Ivoire

Last year, the ALDI SOUTH Group, Fairtrade and the Fairtrade cocoa cooperative ECAMOM started a monitoring report to improve the working conditions and livelihoods of local cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire. Now the first impact report “Building Trust. Creating Impact.” has been published.

The first impact report serves as a baseline to provide insights into the work of the cooperative and the farmers, and identifies the challenges they are facing. We aim to provide a picture of what cocoa farming looks like today, and highlight potential areas of opportunities that can enable a long-term partnership between the stakeholders involved in the supply chain. 

ALDI’s direct and long-term engagement with Fairtrade contributes to responsible cocoa farming in Côte d'Ivoire and makes ECAMOM a more resilient and inclusive cooperative. These actions illustrate the shared vision of Fairtrade Deutschland and the ALDI SOUTH Group and enable trade on a level playing field.

This collaboration will support the economic empowerment of farmers through Fairtrade sales, farm renovations, women’s empowerment and environmental awareness. It highlights our acknowledgment that fair value distribution, particularly to smallholder farmers, is important as it outlines our support for a more sustainable cocoa production.

Key achievements were

Economic empowerment
  • The cooperatives invested in a variety of different farming measures at cooperative and farm level to improve productivity and quality of cocoa production, such as improvements in infrastructure for cocoa processing.
  • First strategic steps towards Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) implementation and soil fertility managements were conducted.
  • ECAMOM has a system for tracing all sales transactions and notifying farmers, which can provide an additional link between Fairtrade sales and farmers’ income.
Capacity building and democracy
  • Eleven trainings with a total of 2,086 participants took place, which included topics such as women’s empowerment, children’s rights or human rights.
Social and environmental justice
  • The cooperative will put more emphasis on gender equality.
  • The report showed that there is both a child protection system and a general awareness of human rights among farmers.
  • GPS mapping is advanced and all farm plots have been mapped.


Infographic details of report

As part of our International CR Vision on human rights, ALDI strives to improve living and working conditions in the West African cocoa sector. We are committed to generating positive impact on the ground and believe that the greatest achievements in the cocoa sector are through collaboration. The cocoa from this cooperative will be used in ALDI products. This is in line with our aim to offer and promote food products to our customers which are from supply chains where farmers have a decent standard of living. We are committed to continuously advance in this regard. 


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