Fish farm on Norwegian coast
Foto: Marius Fiskum © Norges sjømatråd
September 2019

ALDI SOUTH Germany finds out more about its certified salmon supply chain

Many of our customers want their fish and seafood to come from sustainable sources and certified aquaculture is a sustainable alternative to wild fishing. ALDI SOUTH Germany visited a certified salmon farm in Norway to find out more.

The salmon farm is placed in the fjords of the Norwegian coast and the fish farm is certified according to the GLOBALG.A.P. Standard. The breeder needs to document every step in the process - from the origin of the larvae, the use of feed all the way to the visits of the veterinarian. This ensures that the salmon is raised in an animal-friendly manner. At the same time, the ecological balance of sensitive habitat must not be endangered as well as environmental protection measures need to be implemented. An independent accredited certification body checks the implementation of these requirements.

The GGN (=GlobalG.A.P. Number) logo on the packaging lets the consumer know that not just the fish production process but also the entire journey from the farm to the supermarket shelf is certified. Products with the GGN label bear a 13-digit number with which one can find out where the fish exactly comes from.

Together with our partners, ALDI is continuously working on making the fish supply chain more sustainable in order to be able to offer sustainable fish to all ALDI customers. Our international goal is to have 100% responsible sourced aquaculture or wild-caught fish and seafood products.

Read more about Germany’s trip to the salmon farm in Norway here (only in German): Nachhaltiger Fisch bei ALDI SÜD: Eine Reise nach Norwegen


Sustainable Development Goals

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