Wastewater drain
July 2020

ALDI joins new initiative for clean wastewater and environmental protection in the textile production

In July 2020, the ALDI SOUTH Group and 13 other members of the ‘Partnership for Sustainable Textiles’ joined the Partnership Initiative Wastewater with the aim to ensure sustainable wastewater management in the textile supply chain.

Chemicals are frequently used in the so-called wet processes of textile production, such as bleaching, dyeing, and printing. These substances are often discharged untreated into watercourses, which has a detrimental impact on the health of local communities and a negative impact on the environment.

In light of these facts, the Partnership Initiative Wastewater of the ‘Partnership for Sustainable Textiles’ aims to raise awareness of the problem in factories and to check wastewater standards and improve measurements and data quality by also focussing on the cooperation and data exchange between all parties in the supply chain. The initiative will operate for two years and focus on Taiwan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, China, Pakistan, and Turkey.

We believe the best way to create impact in the textile supply chain is through joint initiatives. Therefore, we are proud to engage in the Partnership Initiative Wastewater and work together on improving the elimination of hazardous chemicals from our textile supply chain. Read more about our Detox Commitment to reduce negative impacts of chemical-based production processes used in our textile and footwear supply chain.


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