Soy being harvested by a big machine
Charles Echer | pixabay
December 2020

ALDI co-founds new Soy Transparency Coalition

The ALDI SOUTH Group joined over 30 global businesses - from retailers and manufacturers, to livestock producers - to establish a ‘Soy Transparency Coalition’ that aims to overcome the challenge of creating greater transparency in the complex soy supply chains. The Coalition will work towards delivering the sector-wide change needed to implement sustainable production systems.

Soy Transparency CoalitionAbout 75% of the globally produced soy is used as animal feed and large part originates from South America. Deforestation and land conversion associated with soy is accelerating in this part of the world. As only a few large traders are exporting soy from South America, their level of influence within the value chain is critical for systematic change.

The newly founded ‘Soy Transparency Coalition’ will focus on these large traders and annually assess their performance and engage with them to deliver their commitments to sustainable soy sourcing. This close collaboration will allow the Coalition to identify and address key environmental and social issues. Our engagement with these traders is central to delivering a sustainable global soy supply chain.

The ALDI SOUTH Group is proud to be a founding member of this coalition because we believe that the greatest change can only happen in collaboration with all parties of the soy supply chain. This is just one of the ways the ALDI SOUTH Group is working towards our goal of to ensuring that no ALDI products contribute to the destruction of forests.


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