Human Rights

Objectives & Performance

Our Objectives

Achieving supply chain transparency

Supply chain transparency is the foundation for all our sustainability measures. As every supply chain is different, ALDI needs to understand where our products started their journey in order to analyse risks, ensure compliance with our requirements, and implement projects on the ground. We will make our high-priority supply chains transparent, so that we have a better understanding about the products we sell.

Partnering for change

We will support long-term partnerships and impact-led collaborations to improve the livelihoods and working conditions for producers’ rights along our high-priority supply chains.

Increasing public awareness for human rights

We will increase public awareness for the importance of human rights by being transparent about challenges and using our voice to advocate for change. 

Upholding human rights for workers

We will work to ensure that the human rights of workers that contribute to our priority supply chains are respected and we strive towards improving their human rights if any issues are found.

Integrating corporate responsibility into buying

We will use our buying power to respect and support human rights by making our buying practices more sustainable.

Our Performance

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