Quality and longevity of textile products

Our Approach

The high quality of our products is a basic requirement to be met by all ALDI suppliers. By placing our particular focus on quality and monitoring quality throughout the production process, ALDI directly meets the demand for a long lifespan of our textile products. High-quality products are only one of the two equally important key factors impacting textile longevity, the second being the ‘best possible’ care of the product during its useful life.

Therefore, high quality production standards and the correct care of the product during its useful life ensure that our customers can enjoy their textile product for a long time after the purchase.

Our Actions

Quality assurance during production

All ALDI textile products have been intensively tested within the scope of our buying process. The Quality Assurance team initiates their work at an early stage, and supports the manufacturers throughout the entire production phase. In addition to legal requirements, we also take several other aspects (guidelines of consumer and environmental organisations) into consideration, which exceed the legal requirements and are consolidated in our ALDI requirements. During the production and delivery process, each supplier is obliged to provide test certificates issued by independent testing institutes confirming that the merchandise is in compliance with these requirements.

Products only go on sale in our stores provided that all requirements have been met and the merchandise meets our high standards. Standard testing methods that play an important role in terms of quality assurance besides various independent tests, which help ensure a consistently high level of quality of ALDI products, are outlined below.

Increased lifespan of textile products during the phase of use

Careful use of the textiles during the phase of use is as important as their initial quality and robustness at the time of purchase. In order to increase the lifespan of textiles, the correct care of the individual products needs to be pointed out in particular.