Our sustainably sourced chocolate

A sweet taste, a delicious smell and a little bit(e) of happiness: We are excited to present our responsibly sourced chocolate: Choceur Choco Changer. As the first discount retailer, ALDI has joined Tony’s Open Chain. Our customers’ choice is empowering cocoa farmers in West Africa. Together, we can amplify our positive impact and change the norm in the cocoa industry by working on ending poverty, illegal child labour, and deforestation. 

Choceur Choco Changer Moulds

The Choceur Choco Changer is on sale in different variants in Germany, UK, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovenia, and Italy. You might have also noticed that the Choceur CHOCO CHANGER bars look different from other chocolate. The shape of the triangular pieces replicates the cocoa plantations from above and the different heights of the pieces demonstrate the reality that in the cocoa value chain risks and rewards are not equally distributed. The Choceur CHOCO CHANGER is not only a delicious treat, but also a piece of art.

The chocolate’s ingredients are Fairtrade certified and sourced from Fairtrade producers. Selling more of their cocoa, sugar and vanilla on Fairtrade terms enables farmers to get fairer trading conditions, stimulate social change and engage in environmental protection. By going beyond certification with Tony’s Open Chain, we collaborate to become sustainability frontrunners with the CHOCO CHANGER.      

The Open Chain

5 Sourcing Principles

Tony’s Open Chain is an initiative by Tony’s Chocolonely, where they invite other chocolate brands to join  Tony’s Open Chain and work together to change the norm in chocolate. ALDI is the first international discount retailer to join Tony’s Open Chain.

Anke Ehlers

“We are convinced that being a mission ally of Tony’s Open Chain enables us to offer our customers a fair and 100% responsible piece of chocolate. With this chocolate, we create positive change and offer a best practice product while doing our part to respect human rights and nature in the cocoa supply chain.

Anke Ehlers, Managing Director of Corporate Responsibility International at the ALDI SOUTH Group

The cocoa beans for the Choceur CHOCO CHANGER are responsibly sourced via Tony's Open Chain. By adopting their 5 Sourcing Principles, we have joined the mission to make chocolate 100% slave free. Tony’s Open Chain helps chocolate brands transform their cocoa supply chains and become sustainability frontrunners.

By opening the chain, ALDI takes responsibility for:

  • An open and transparent chain, where issues are always in the open so they can be solved
  • Direct and equal business relations throughout the entire chain
  • Paying a higher price which makes a living income achievable for farmers
  • Ending modern slavery and illegal child labour in cocoa by setting a new industry standard

Cocoa Production

In two West African countries - Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire - about 2.5 million cocoa farming families produce more than 60% of the world’s cocoa. The cocoa used in ALDI products comes mainly from these two countries. Cocoa is grown by smallholder farmers who may face difficult working and living conditions. Human rights violations including illegal child labour, as well as environmental risks such as deforestation, are key challenges when sourcing cocoa.

The ALDI SOUTH Group is committed to fostering fair working conditions and environmentally friendly production in the cultivation of cocoa. By adopting Tony’s Open Chain’s 5 Sourcing Principles for the Choceur CHOCO CHANGER we are creating positive change in this sector by supporting those that need it the most: the cocoa farmers in West Africa.

We commit to regularly report on our engagement, recognising challenges and lessons learnt.

Cocoa value chain

The cocoa beans for Choceur CHOCO CHANGER are grown by smallholder farmers in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. After the harvest, the beans are dried, fermented and packed for transportation. The exporter ships the beans from West Africa to Antwerp where the beans are processed into cocoa liquor. Some of the beans remain in Côte d’Ivoire where they are pressed into butter at SACO before being transported to Europe. The liquor and butter are processed into liquid chocolate (couverture), and then manufactured into their final shape by our direct business partners to make the fabulous Choceur CHOCO CHANGER.

Human rights

As an international company with global supply chains, we are aware of our responsibility to respect human rights. The ALDI SOUTH Group is certain that long-term business success can only be ensured if human rights are acknowledged and respected, protected and fulfilled. Human rights violations are a global problem affecting every economy, industry and sector. We have an important role to play in raising awareness of human rights and working collaboratively with our business partners and other external parties to prevent or mitigate the adverse impact of our business or remediate where necessary.

Our Partnerships

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Mission Ally of Tony’s Open Chain

As the first discount retailer, ALDI has joined Tony’s Open Chain. Tony’s Open Chain is an initiative by Tony’s Chocolonely, where they invite other chocolate brands to join Tony’s Open Chain and work together to change the norm in chocolate. By adopting the 5 Sourcing Principles for our new chocolate bar, ALDI has joined the mission to make chocolate 100% slave-free.

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