Gingerbread on plate
December 2021

Top of Greenpeace market check: HOFER in Austria takes first place for gingerbread

No matter what shape or flavour, gingerbread is a “must-eat“ in the Christmas season. In the current Greenpeace market check, HOFER in Austria came top with an overall score of “Good “.

Whether in the form of a little house or a star, with or without icing, plain or with nuts - no matter in which version it appears on the plate, one thing is certain: gingerbread belongs to the Christmas season like Advent wreath, Christmas tree or snow. But what is actually in the gingerbread that fills the supermarket shelves every year? Greenpeace recently addressed this question by reviewing the four categories "organic", "fairness chocolate", "origin of main ingredients" and "vegan" in Austria's largest supermarkets.

Ginger bread product from Hofer

HOFER Austria has the largest selection of organically produced gingerbread: Out of 26 products, six are in organic - that's almost a quarter of their gingerbread range. The retailer also attaches importance to fair working conditions: That is why 17 gingerbread products with chocolate, including all four Organic gingerbreads, also have the Fairtrade logo. When it comes to the origin of the main ingredients, six of HOFER's gingerbread products are baked with wheat flour and sugar from Austria. In eight products, the main ingredients come from one or more countries in the European Union. HOFER also does well in the fourth category - vegan gingerbread. Customers can find eight gingerbread items in the range that do not contain any animal-based ingredients.

HOFER scored a total of 71 percent with its delicious gingerbread assortment and was awarded the grade "Good". With this rating, the discounter also achieved first place in the Greenpeace ranking.



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