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August 2019

Tackling plastic – four ALDI country stories

Across all our national market places, the ALDI SOUTH Group is tackling the important issue of plastic packaging. We aim to have 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging by the end of 2025. Different initiatives from the US, Europe, and all the way to Australia support this goal.

USA: Greenpeace report

The Greenpeace report ‘Packaging Away the Planetassessed US retailers concerning their efforts to eliminate single-use plastics. ALDI US was the highest scored retailer. This is because ALDI US has a reduction target, a more comprehensive reduction plan and greater transparency.

United Kingdom: Trial of plastic-free veg

ALDI UK is to extend a trial of removing plastic from some fresh vegetables as part of its campaign to cut packaging. ALDI began selling loose fresh produce lines without plastic wrapping in Scotland earlier this year and are now planning to extend the trial into England. If successful, ALDI plans to roll it out to all stores. Consequently, ALDI would eliminate more than 110 tonnes of plastic wrapping a year - equalling the weight of 18 elephants.

Germany: Plastic Bank

ALDI SOUTH and ALDI North in Germany support the social enterprise ‘Plastic Bank’. Plastic Bank is a social enterprise that makes plastic a currency. It helps to reduce packaging waste in the environment and at the same time fights poverty. A collection point sponsored by ALDI shows first successes: 14,000 full garbage bags were collected in four months. The collected plastic will then be recycled as "Social Plastic®" in new products.

Australia: Further commitments

ALDI AU announced further commitments in June 2019 to reduce plastics and packaging.

  • 25 by 25: By the end of 2025, ALDI aims to reduce plastic packaging by 25%.
  • Goodbye single-use plastics: ALDI will phase out problematic and unnecessary single use plastics by the end of 2020.
  • Giving new purpose: ALDI aims to stimulate an Australian circular economy by committing to include 30% recycled materials in our plastic packaging by the end of 2025.


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