Cashew nut in cashew bush
nicik220 | Pixabay
December 2019

Supporting sustainable development in our cashew nut supply chains in Vietnam

ALDI seeks to respect human rights and prevent violations in our Vietnamese cashew nut supply chain by supporting the Ethical Trade Norway’s Cashew project. The project strengthens labour standards while having a focus on women and vulnerable groups as well as improves environmental management. We believe that the greatest impact can be achieved through collaboration.

Together with our cashew suppliers, ALDI encouraged processors in the Vietnamese cashew supply chain to participate in social dialogue training during September and November 2019. This training was designed to improve worker and management dialogue, grievance handling and knowledge of trade union rights. The project also trained farmers on labour standards, good agricultural and environmental practices. The project will continue to support farmers, workers and processors over the next year via further training and knowledge-sharing.

ALDI is committed to fostering fair working conditions and environmentally-friendly production and acknowledges that retailers can play a significant role in improving conditions in cashew supply chains.


Sustainable Development Goals

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