Soy field up close
October 2021

Promoting sustainable soy cultivation in Europe: ALDI becomes a member of Donau Soja

After founding member HOFER Austria, now the entire ALDI SOUTH Group is becoming a member of Donau Soja. This is another step in our international approach to work with other ambitious stakeholders on industry-wide solutions for sustainable and deforestation-free soy production.

Most of the world’s soy production takes place in South America and the USA. In South America, the main challenge is the clearing of rainforests for new agricultural land.

Donau Soja

Donau Soja is a non-profit association with the aim of supporting the sustainable development of European agriculture and increasing European soy cultivation. This includes the cultivation of soy in line with EU agricultural regulations, additional sustainability criteria and the support of research and innovation activities in the field of European soy production. Donau Soja developed two certification schemes called Donau Soja (especially for the Danube region) and Europe Soya. Both standards ensure sustainably grown, regional and GM-free soy. 

As a global retailer, one of the ALDI SOUTH Group’s key responsibilities is to ensure that our products do not contribute to the destruction of forests. Supporting the cultivation of European soy and soy alternatives is an important part of our international approach to address these challenges in our supply chains. Our further actions include increasing transparency in our soy supply chain and increasing the share of certified, deforestation-free soy.


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Sourcing sustainably

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