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September 2018

HOFER Austria initiated new flagship project regarding the careful handling of water

Approximately 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water – however, only 1% of this water is potable, making water one of our most valuable resources that need to be handled with care. Therefore, HOFER launched the new ‘Wasser sparen, Natur bewahren’ (Save water, preserve nature) flagship project in August 2018.

In addition to capturing the entire consumption of water in administration, logistics, stores and the HOFER Chocolate Factory, all HOFER stores in Austria will be equipped with state-of-the-art water meters and the constant monitoring process will be subject to an audit by TÜV Austria with the objective to further optimise water consumption in future.

Water is not only vital for us as human beings, but also plays a pivotal role in food production processes. We strive to constantly exchange information with our suppliers on how to counteract extensive consumption of water in the supply chain and production processes of many of our products. In Austrian agriculture and when growing produce in water-scarce regions, for example, we attempt to find ways to use water sparingly and protect the available resources in cooperation with our business partners.

More than 50% of river systems, marshes and lakes have disappeared around the world over the past 100 years. HOFER has established a water fund in cooperation with the Austrian ‘Naturschutzbund’ nature conservation association in order to point the way towards counteracting this dramatic development. In an online prize competition, users could collect virtual drops of water, which were added to the water fund as an investment in the amount of EUR 50,000. This fund will be used for measures to raise awareness and to support nature conservation projects to save water habitats.

As usual for initiatives in the context of the ‘Projekt 2020’ (‘project 2020‘) of HOFER Austria, customers and employees will also be involved in this project: for instance, a free brochure including tips and information regarding careful handling of water and water-saving products that can be purchased will help them save water in their own households and thus make a valuable contribution.

Please refer to for more information and a download version of the water brochure.


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