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July 2022

Hackathon winners: ALDI comes first in the race for sustainable logistics efforts

The ALDI SOUTH Business Process Management Centre of Excellence has beaten other international businesses and competitors in a corporate responsibility focused one day Hackathon organised by Celonis (Global Tech Company). The team optimised ALDI’s transport planning solution.

What is Process Mining and why is it important?

Process mining creates an “X-ray” of a business procedures that helps them gain visibility and identify inefficiencies in core operations. It can certainly help ALDI understand how its processes are implemented by users and systems across the whole Group.

What was the challenge?

Everyday our logistics teams transport millions of products from distribution centres to our stores in each of our eleven ALDI markets across the globe. Each journey not only incurs costs but also contributes to the CO2 emissions of the ALDI SOUTH Group, and with our continued growth, unfortunately, the amount of CO2 will only increase.

What was the solution?

The ALDI Team recognised the potential benefits to the business and challenged themselves to identify ways to increase the sustainability of these daily deliveries. By reading the digital footprint in our SAP, experts were able to connect the dots and, in just a few hours, develop and dashboard that reviews live data from our transport planning solution and answers the following three critical questions:

  1. What are the truck and pallet utilisation (in terms of m3)?
  2. Is there unused space available on pallets or trucks?
  3. Could this be used to reduce the total number of shipments? 

The result was a prototype with KPIs and insights that estimate the number of shipments and overall journeys; therefore, CO2 could potentially be reduced.

This is an excellent example of how innovative thinking in every part of the business can play a role in helping the ALDI SOUTH Group to make sustainability affordable to our customers.

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