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June 2021

Going green: ALDI China commits to 100% green electricity

ALDI China recently committed to purchase 100% renewable electricity retroactively from 2020 to meet the demand for electricity in their stores, warehouses and offices.

ALDI China is among the first food retailers in China to commit to 100% renewable electricity. The purchase of green electricity is one of the most efficient and impactful ways to reduce operational carbon emissions. The International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs) will cover 100% of the organisation’s electricity needs and this is an important step in limiting ALDI’s impact on the climate and the environment.

Using renewable energy is one of the key pillars of ALDI SOUTH Group’s climate strategy and in July 2020, ALDI became one of the first international food retailers with a company-wide approved “Science Based Target” (SBT) for climate protection. As of 2021, all ALDI SOUTH Group countries are procuring green electricity and by 2025 we aim to reduce our overall operational emissions by more than a quarter.

ALDI entered the Chinese market in 2017 by offering services via an online shopping platform, and in 2019 the first physical stores opened their doors. ALDI China now successfully operates 15 stores in the city of Shanghai, with more to be opened in the course of this year.


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