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October 2019

Enhancing topic of living wage by engaging in ‘IDH Living Wage Steering Committee’

The Sustainable Trade Initiative ‘IDH’ created a ‘Living Wage Steering Committee’ together with the ALDI SOUTH Group, ALDI North and many other businesses. The participating companies in the committee will monitor the implementation of the IDH Roadmap to effectively take action on the issue of living wage and living income.

Ending poverty is not possible until workers are paid sufficient wages to meet their basic needs and afford a decent standard of living for themselves and their families. Within the last years, the IDH has worked with many partners to improve working conditions and close the living wage gap in several supply chains.

The ALDI SOUTH Group, ALDI North, other retailers and private sector companies are continuingly looking for best practices and solutions to make steps to understand this complex issue. Together with IDH, these companies will work on delivering solutions needed to harmonise processes and enable continuous improvement.

“We are committed to respecting human rights. Certain human rights are of increased relevance to us as a retailer, because our actions have a greater impact. These include, for example, fair remuneration. We are very much looking forward to being part in the ‘Living Wage Steering Committee’ and improving conditions at workplaces”, comments Anke Ehlers, Managing Director Corporate Responsibility International (CRI) for the ALDI SOUTH Group.

Tony Bruggink, Program Director at IDH: “It is great to see these companies supporting IDH in this journey towards living wage and living income. Together we can play an active role in addressing the important and complex challenge of ending poverty — not only by implementing strategies in companies their business practices, but also by engaging the broader sector towards mainstreaming the steps to take, and inspiring and supporting the issue of living wage and possible solutions as a whole.”

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