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September 2018

ALDI US placed third overall in Greenpeace seafood ranking

In August 2018, Greenpeace published its tenth edition of the ‘Carting Away the Oceans (CATO)’ report, a grocery retailer scorecard based on the sustainability and social responsibility of their seafood products. ALDI US moved up four spots in the ranking and was placed third overall, becoming part of the ‘green’ category for the first time.

2018 Supermarket Sustainable Seafood Scorecard

2018 Supermarket Sustainable Seafood Scorecard


The Greenpeace report evaluated 22 major US retailers on the topic of sustainability of their seafood products in four key areas: policy, initiatives, labelling and transparency, and ‘red list’ inventory. In the 2018 report, Greenpeace also highlighted issues, such as canned tuna, labour and human rights, and plastic pollution. 

The Greenpeace report ‘Carting Away the Oceans 10’ can be accessed here:


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