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Cut down tree in deforested field
Picography | Pixabay
December 2019

ALDI urging Brazilian government to stop Amazon destruction for the production of soy

The ALDI SOUTH Group, together with 86 major companies, investors and organisations, has signed an open letter to the Brazil’s president requesting that they stop further deforestation of the Amazon.

Brazil is one of the world’s major producers of soy. In 2006, an agreement known as the Amazon Soy Moratorium (ASM) was established to ensure that soy production in the Amazon region only occurs on existing agricultural land. Since then, soy production in the Amazon has significantly increased, while deforestation for soy has sharply decreased, showing that forest protection and agricultural expansion can be compatible. However, deforestation in the Amazon from other causes (mostly cattle ranching) has continued to grow.

As a major storage for carbon dioxide, the preservation of the Amazon rainforest is essential for climate protection. Thus, the position of the letter is clear: “We want to be able to continue to source from, or invest in, the Brazilian soy industry but if the ASM is not maintained, this will risk our business with Brazilian soy. Today, there is enough existing agricultural land to continue to increase soy production in the Amazon” without the need to cut down more trees.

Read the “Open letter on soy and the Amazon”


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