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September 2021

ALDI takes another step towards transparency: Disclosure of tier 1 food suppliers

The ALDI SOUTH Group further increases transparency and discloses the names and addresses of direct business partner for bananas & pineapples, coffee, and fish & seafood.

As part of ALDI’s international CR Strategy, we are striving to increase the transparency of our supply chains so that we can better understand the origin of the products we sell and provide greater transparency to our customers.

Our direct business partners are key to help us understand the complexities of our various supply chains and to collect the relevant knowledge needed to ensure compliance with our requirements, analyse risks, and to also monitor or implement projects. By working together, we will increase the transparency of our high-priority supply chains.

Last year, we have already published information on the production facilities for all our garment textiles and shoes production facilities. We are now going one step further by starting the process to publish the names and addresses of our direct business partners (tier 1 suppliers) of our high-priority food supply chains.

As of today, we have published the names and addresses of our direct suppliers for the following high-priority categories: bananas & pineapples, coffee, fish & seafood. We will subsequently publish these details for all of our high-priority food supply chains by the end of 2022, and provide regular updates.


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Transparency in supply chains

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