Aerial view on campus of TU Kaiserslautern
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November 2019

ALDI SOUTH Group supports a Kaiserslautern University to discover the future of digital farming

The ALDI SOUTH Group is co-sponsoring a professorship at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern (TUK) on the digitalisation in agriculture. The aim is to discover how technology can optimise yields and food quality whilst preserving natural resources.

What will the future of farming look like? Autonomous tractors and drones for monitoring crops are just examples of how agriculture is undergoing digital transformation. ALDI’s funding will support new research and technologies, which will allow the agricultural sector to become a pioneer of digitalisation and guarantee networked, socially compatible, traceable and optimised food production.

As a food retailer, ALDI is committed to the future of agriculture and sponsoring the partnership will support our future endeavours in responsible sourcing.

More information can be found here: TU Kaiserslautern


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