Bucket full of palm oil seeds
Palm Oil
July 2019

ALDI SOUTH Group pushes for greater action on deforestation and exploitation free palm oil

The ‘2018 European First Importer Survey’ is the second report by the Palm Oil Transparency Coalition (POTC) that surveyed importers of palm oil. The ALDI SOUTH Group took part in creating the survey. The report highlights visibility and accountability gaps in the global palm oil supply.

The POTC is a non-competitive coalition of businesses with a shared ambition to have a palm supply that is deforestation and exploitation free. The ALDI SOUTH Group is part of the consortium of leading retailers and manufactures.

The ‘2018 European First Importer Survey’ used the criteria set out by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) as a minimum, and differentiated between the companies that are actively monitoring entire supply chains, and those who are lagging behind. Main topics in question were zero deforestation, traceability as well as zero exploitation in regard to human rights.

The ALDI SOUTH Group uses 100% certified palm oil. However, taking part in creating the POTC survey, underlines our approach to go beyond certification. The report itself now challenges palm oil supply chain by highlighting differences between importers’ commitments and practices on the ground. We believe that a collaborative action can have the best impact towards removing deforestation and exploitation in the global palm oil supply chain.

Download the report here: 2018 European First Importer Survey


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