Sewing machine
Kelly Lacy | pexels
May 2020

ALDI SOUTH Group making fashion more transparent

The ALDI SOUTH Group was evaluated in this year’s Fashion Transparency Index 2020 and increased their score by 9% to 30% (2019: 21%). We have now published main production facilities for textiles and shoes on our international CR Website and we actively contribute to the Open Apparel Registry.

Fashion Revolution is the world’s largest campaign for a clean, safe, fair, transparent, and accountable fashion industry. Since 2016, it has reviewed 250 brands and retailers in regards to how much they disclose about their social and environmental policies, practices and impacts.

Our goal for the future is to further expand our range of sustainable textiles and create even greater transparency in ALDI’s supply chain.

This week we moved forward on this journey by publishing main production facilities used by the ALDI SOUTH Group for garment textiles and shoe production on our website. In order to help increase the transparency of the whole garment industry, we have started to actively contribute information about our supply chain to the Open Apparel Registry, an open source tool, which maps garment facilities worldwide.


Sustainable Development Goals

8 Decent work and economic growth 12 Responsible consumption and production