Green Button
September 2019

ALDI SOUTH Germany wearing a ‘Green Button’ on its sustainable textiles

Starting from this month, ALDI SOUTH Germany and ALDI North will use the ‘Green Button’ to label textiles that have been produced in a socially and environmentally friendly way. With our participation in this initiative, we will emphasise our commitment to promoting sustainable textile production to our customers.

The ‘Green Button’ is a voluntary German Government label that identifies textiles that are produced in a sustainable way. Labelled products meet 26 minimum requirements for social and environmental standards in textile production. However, a double check is necessary. Both the company and the product are checked and evaluated by independent auditors. Both checks must be successful in order for a product to bear the label.

ALDI is committed to improving the social and environmental conditions in the textile supply chain and to promoting the production from sustainable materials. ALDI is a member of the ‘German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles’ to improve social and environmental standards along the textile supply chain around the globe. ALDI also supports the Detox Campaign by avoiding the use of hazardous chemicals in the production.

ALDI is one of 27 companies expanding its commitment to fair and sustainable textile production. We hope that this new label will give our customers a better understanding of sustainability.

More information can be found here: Der Grüne Knopf: ALDI führt Siegel für nachhaltige Textilien ein


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