Tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers and paprika packed in reusable bag
October 2019

ALDI SOUTH Germany reduced 40,000 tonnes of packaging since 2015

ALDI SOUTH Germany looks back on a year of a successful packaging mission. Last year alone, ALDI saved more than 15,000 tonnes of packaging weight on its own brands and compared to 2015 a total of 40,000 tonnes was saved. As part of a campaign, ALDI is now calling on its customers to get involved.

Packaging measures

In the last year, ALDI SOUTH Germany has already implemented:

  • Salad cucumber without plastic film
  • Preparation of offering reusable fruit and vegetable bags
  • Waste separation information on private label packaging

More than half of the packaging saved is plastic. In addition, ALDI is improving the recyclability of the product packaging. By 2025, ALDI wants to reduce packaging weight by 30% and all product packaging should be recyclable by 2022. Wherever possible, ALDI will use recycled plastics.

Getting ALDI’s customers involved

ALDI wants to make their customers aware of the issue and is seeking their help. ALDI was the first partner of the ‘Green Seven Week’ of the German TV channel ‘ProSieben’ in October. During the sustainable ‘Save the Oceans’ week, ALDI drew attention to the possibilities of packaging reduction in TV commercials. ALDI also asked its customers to take part in social media measures under the motto "Together on #ALDI packaging mission".

All information on ALDI SOUTH Germany's commitment against packaging waste can be found here (in German only): Packaging Mission.


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