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July 2020

ALDI signed joint letter that calls on the Indian government not to suspend labour laws

In July 2020, the ALDI SOUTH Group and 48 other companies signed a joint letter calling on the Indian government to reject the planned restrictions on the current labour laws that could seriously jeopardise the safety, security, and well-being of workers in India.

Several Indian states are looking for measures to boost the economic activity after the COVID-19 lockdown. The most controversial of these measures is the suspension of a large number of labour rights, e.g. regarding freedom of association or working hours. These proposed amendments would have immediate and grave consequences for workers in India. The ALDI SOUTH Group is concerned about the measures currently being planned.

On behalf of brands and retailers purchasing textiles, shoes and other goods in India, amfori, Social Accountability International and other initiatives sent a joint letter to the Indian government. By signing this letter, the ALDI SOUTH Group has reinforced its commitment to source from countries in which international labour standards are respected, protected and fulfilled.

The joint letter calls on the Indian government to:

  • ensure that the restrictions on labour laws promoted by the state governments are not implemented;
  • encourage those governments consult with affected stakeholders, including trade unions, before proposing additional changes to state labour laws;
  • ensure that all eight fundamental ILO Conventions are implemented in India.

Read the full letter here: Proposed Amendments to State Labour Laws


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