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February 2023

ALDI ranked as a leader in children's rights global benchmark by Global Child Forum

ALDI scored 7.6/10 and is ranked as a Leader in the Food, Beverage & Personal Care sector according to a benchmark conducted by Global Child Forum (GCF), a Swedish non-profit foundation. The benchmark measures how the world’s most influential Food, Beverage & Personal Care companies publicly report on managing children’s rights.

This benchmark assesses how companies address children’s rights in the areas of Governance & Collaboration, Workplace, Marketplace and Community & Environment.

The ranking acknowledged our commitment to finding sustainable solutions for tackling child labour, as well as our efforts in the past few years to develop and implement various measures that address and mitigate potential impacts on children rights.

Global Child Forum bases its benchmark scores on publicly available information, systematically assessing a company’s response to impacts on children’s rights. Scores are not a measure of actual compliance with policies, outcomes of policies and/or programmes nor should scores be construed as investment advice. 


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Upholding human rights

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