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October 2022

ALDI emphasises the importance of catch quotas for Northeast Atlantic mackerel and herring

For many years the Coastal States (EU, UK, Norway, Faroes, Iceland, Greenland and Russia) have been setting catch levels above the established scientific advice for the Northeast Atlantic Mackerel and Atlanto-Scandian herring stocks and this has led to a loss of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification. As responsibly sourced fish and seafood is a major concern for the ALDI SOUTH Group, we call for a binding agreement on mackerel and herring quotas.

We joined the North Atlantic Pelagic Advocacy Group (NAPA) in 2021, with an objective to cooperatively advocate for sustainable management of the Northeast Atlantic Mackerel and Atlanto-Scandian herring fisheries. At the last coastal state meetings in October 2021, all parties agreed that the total allowable catches for 2022 should be consistent with the scientific advice. However, the coastal states have not yet been able to agree on a binding allocation of catch quotas.  If the catch levels continue to be set higher than recommended by the scientific advisers, we will review our sourcing options together with our suppliers, including investigating alternatives sourcing areas and species.

Anke Ehlers

“The ALDI SOUTH Group is committed to responsibly source its fish and seafood range and increase the proportion of MSC-certified products in our stores. The current situation in relation to mackerel fisheries and herring fisheries causes us great concern. We urgently call on the everyone involved to agree on a binding allocation of catch quotas which are in line with scientific advice so that we can ensure sustainable fish stock in the future.”

Anke Ehlers, Managing Director Corporate Responsibility International department of the ALDI SOUTH Group

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