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June 2021

ALDI continues its public commitment to eliminate child labour

The ALDI SOUTH Group has signed a joint pledge by "The Centre for Child Rights and Business” to support the UN’s “International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour” and to emphasise the importance of the worldwide elimination of child labour.

The Centre for Child Rights and Business (The Centre) works with companies to promote and respect children’s rights in their business operations, particularly in global supply chains. With the Joint Action Pledge, they encourage their partners to enhance their understanding of child labour in their supply chains and to take specific measures to protect child rights and work towards the elimination of child labour. By signing the Joint Action Pledge, ALDI commits to further integrate the consideration of children’s rights into our operations. Over the last two years, we have developed a Child Labour Policy, a Rapid Response System and trainings for business partners. Further trainings and guidelines for employees and business partners will be developed throughout 2021.

ALDI aims to respect human rights and improve living and working conditions throughout our supply chains. Working with The Centre is one of the ways we target human rights during the implementation of our International CR Strategy. By joining the “The Centre’s Child Rights in Business (CRIB) Working Group”, we collaborate with other companies, share best practice and have access to the latest information and insights related to children rights.

“The prevention of child labour in our supply chains is very important to ALDI, which is reflected in our "Child Labour Policy". 2021 is the "International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour", therefore, we are pleased to work with an experienced partner like The Centre to integrate children’s rights considerations into our operations and to create a positive impact in our supply chain.”

Katharina Wortmann, Director Corporate Responsible International, ALDI SOUTH Group


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