Tomato seeds and water
March 2021

ALDI celebrates World Water Day and introduces water management requirements for fruit and vegetables

Water is a key resource and good water stewardship is a priority in our supply chains. The ALDI SOUTH Group and ALDI Nord are launching a new approach to water management, which will see ALDI SÜD in Germany and HOFER in Austria collaborating with producers to implement responsible water management standards by 2022 in their fresh fruit and vegetable supply chains.

Globally the agricultural sector uses around 70% of all the freshwater, this is particularly true in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. By using the WWF Water Risk Filter, ALDI has identified water critical regions and will work together with its producers to implement standards, which include criteria on good water management practices.  This will ensure that our producers have the support they need to implement the practical steps needed for an efficient water management at farms. These measures range from monitoring of water consumption to optimised irrigation plans and leading to a continuous improvement of water management. This includes for example the GLOBAL G.A.P SPRING (Sustainable Program for Irrigation and Groundwater Use) standard. 

By starting with our 15 top selling fruit and vegetable products, we can make sure to reach a significant share of our growers and generate a positive impact for the environment and communities in the regions. Products include for example avocados, tomatoes, potatoes, bananas, grapes, strawberries, apples and lettuce.  

Anke Ehlers

“With our requirements for responsible water management, we have created a solution that allows our customers to know that the products they buy at ALDI are responsibly sourced.”

Anke Ehlers, Managing Director of Corporate Responsibility International at ALDI SOUTH Group


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Sourcing sustainably

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