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August 2020

ALDI Australia and ALDI UK share their Modern Slavery Statements

Human trafficking, forced labour and the exploitation of vulnerable workers are human rights abuses that have no place in our business or supply chain. ALDI is committed to prevent and address these complex issues along its supply chains. ALDI Australia and ALDI UK have published their annual Modern Slavery Statements, which explain the steps they are taking to prevent and address modern slavery in their business and supply chains.

Modern slavery is a global problem that continues to impact every economy, industry and sector. The UN’s International Labour Organisation estimates that more than 40 million people are trapped in modern slavery.

ALDI Australia

ALDI Australia Modern Slavery StatementALDI Australia welcomes and supports the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act 2018. In collaboration with their business partners, ALDI Australia is committed to act against modern slavery and conduct business with honesty and integrity. Their first “Modern Slavery Statement” reports steps taken during 2019 to combat modern slavery in its operations and supply chains. ALDI Australia’s policies apply throughout their supply chains at all times and during the event of any crisis.

Read the statement here.



ALDI UK Modern Slavery StatementALDI UK published their fourth Modern Slavery Statement in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. Their approach to tackling modern slavery issues is to understand how and where it occurs and to continually improve the processes they have in place to prevent it. This involves working in partnership with suppliers, business partners and cross-industry third parties. In 2019, key progress was to improve their processes and develop new partnerships with third parties to combat the issues of modern slavery. For example, they joined the ‘Italian Ethical Trade Forum’.

Read the statement here.


Find out more about our actions to promote human rights here: Respecting Human Rights.


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