Rainforest Alliance and ALDI
September 2020

ALDI and the Rainforest Alliance: new logo and standard for sustainability

The ALDI SOUTH Group wants to contribute to a better world for people and nature by continuing to #followthefrog. Starting from September, our products will be carrying the new Rainforest Alliance certification seal, which is part of their new identity after they merged with UTZ in 2018. The alliance works in more than 70 countries.

Certification schemes are an important aspect of our sustainability approach and determine whether sustainability standards are adhered to in the cultivation of the raw materials used in our products. Approximately 60% of our chocolate products contain Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa and one third of our coffee volume carries a Rainforest Alliance certification seal. On top of that, we source many of our tea, and hazelnut products as well as our bananas responsibly from Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM farms.

The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organisation that brings together farmers, businesses, consumers and others to work towards a world where people and nature thrive in harmony. The ALDI SOUTH Group is closely collaborating with the Rainforest Alliance on the development of the standard and consultation on guidance materials. We want to be transparent about our progress, and we share the responsibility to reach this mission. It is only through collaboration and investment in building long-term capacity that systemic transformation on both a sector and landscape level will be possible.

Rainforest Alliance SealTheir refreshed green frog seal represents the next step in sustainability by ensuring minimum requirements of environmental standards are met and by focusing on an “Assess and Address” approach that is in line with the growing international consensus around due diligence, capacity-building and continuous improvement laid out in international frameworks on human rights. This shows that farmers, manufacturers and retail companies like the ALDI SOUTH Group are committed to never stop getting better at what we do.

By offering an increasing share of products carrying the frog seal to our customers in eleven countries, we contribute to better farming practices, fight against the climate crisis, conserve forests, protect the human rights of farmers and workers and improve their livelihoods.

"The seal is a bold mark of change. It’s a symbol for hope, action and progress. The seal is a way for companies to tell a story about the good that goes into their products. We look forward to advancing sustainability practices on the ground and in the market with valued partners like ALDI."

Alex Morgan, Chief Markets Officer Rainforest Alliance

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