Textile factory workers
March 2021

ALDI and the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles developing training together

The ALDI SOUTH Group has worked with the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles and created a training for member brands and retailers that highlights the impact purchasing practices have on working conditions in the supply chain and lays out practical ways for improvement.

Purchasing practices can have a huge impact on the working conditions and wage payments in production facilities. As a member of the Partnership Initiative on living wages, within the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles, the ALDI SOUTH Group has been working since 2019 to improve our purchasing practices in the textile supply chain.

To strengthen the collective understanding and to stress the importance and necessity of responsible purchasing practices, together with the Partnership we have developed a training on responsible purchasing practices for its member brands and retailers. The training targets all employees of departments involved in the purchasing process and highlights:

  • what is understood by purchasing practices and who influences them,
  • how their own actions can impact workers in the supply chain,
  • how price pressure affects the wages of workers in the supply chain,
  • how they can contribute to better working conditions in the supply chain through more responsible purchasing practices.
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