A closer look at sustainable fish and seafood

The ALDI SOUTH Group has committed itself to the sustainable use of fish and seafood resources. As part of this commitment, ALDI US initiated a partnership with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) back in 2011. In 2014, John Lee (Director Corporate Buying, ALDI US) along with other colleagues and Samuel Grimley (SFP) travelled to China and Southeast Asia together in order to gain a first-hand impression of the seafood supply chain and meet with a variety of stakeholders.

Mr. Grimley, what is SFP’s mission?

Samuel Grimley: SFP is a globally active nonprofit organisation that is focussed on improving the sustainability of wild fisheries as well as aquaculture. We partner with openminded companies, such as ALDI, in order to help secure sustainable seafood sources.

What is the main objective of this cooperation?

John Lee: Through our partnership with SFP, ALDI US can gain better insight into how to source more sustainable seafood products. SFP provides scientific data, industry expertise, and best practices when it comes to supporting greater ecological responsibility along the entire supply chain.

Samuel Grimley: Particularly in cases where there is a lack of certified sources, ALDI US can be the impetus for supply chains to enhance the sustainability of fishery and farmed sources. We help the company to identify current sources in need of sustainability improvements, and work with the entire supply chain, from producer to distributor, to engage these fisheries and farms in best practices.

What insights did you gain from your trip to Asia together in 2014?

John Lee: In order to be able to better understand the sustainability of our products, we have to know where they come from. We wanted to see things first- hand and make this complex supply chain more transparent. It’s great to be in a position to tell our customers that ALDI US believes and acts in a way that is ecologically responsible in this area, too.

Samuel Grimley: The dedication of ALDI US demonstrates how seriously the company takes the topic of sustainability. This makes our partnership even more meaningful.