Partnership and continuity in buying

Our business model provides us with numerous opportunities for realising sustainability goals. Both the high volumes we purchase and the large proportion of own brands in our range play a role.

Own-brand products mean quality at the best price

Our fundamental principle is to offer high-quality products at the best price. When buying, the companies of the ALDI SOUTH Group do not look for the lowest price but rather for the best value for money. In addition to the quality and availability of the products and supplier reliability, we also consider social and environmental factors when making purchasing decisions.

Our focus on our own exclusive-brand products allows us to define our own quality and sustainability standards for a significant portion of the products in our range and implement these standards in cooperation with our suppliers. Together, we continue to develop products and processes until they meet our expectations.

Long-term partnerships

We seek long-term partnerships where our partners benefit from timely payments and large purchase volumes. In return we expect excellent products and services. Together with our partners we consistently ensure that our standards are maintained, including our sustainability requirements.

We have been working with the majority of our suppliers for many years. To keep up with changing markets and consumers’ expectations, we develop the ALDI SOUTH range together with our suppliers on an ongoing basis. At the same time, new suppliers also have the opportunity to establish business relations with ALDI SOUTH. This is particularly true for the markets currently experiencing strong growth, such as the UK, Australia, and the USA.