Working at ALDI

employment on open-end basis

At ALDI, we understand the importance of job security for our employees. Because of this, we take pride in offering our staff opportunities for long-term employment. We consider the stability and longterm nature of employment in the ALDI SOUTH Group to be an important factor in favour of applicants choosing us as their employer.

Voluntary employee benefits

In addition to high remuneration, the voluntary employee benefits that we offer also contribute to our attractiveness as an employer. Our employee benefits are adapted for the conditions of the job markets in the individual countries and often exceed industry averages. For example, in the USA one of these additional benefits is comprehensive health insurance for ALDI employees and their families. In Australia, we allow our employees to extend partially paid parental leave well beyond the legally prescribed amount of time.

Flexible working hours

Fair employment conditions for our staff

Many of our employees work part-time. This allows us flexibility in staffing, in particular with regard to peak times, and gives our employees a wide range of possibilities for organising their working and private lives. In addition, this flexibility allows us to cater for the needs of our full-time staff. At the moment, the ALDI SOUTH Group mainly offers part-time employment in sales, logistics, and certain administrative areas. We are aware that flexible working hours are an important topic for many employees – including those with managerial responsibilities – and we are working on developments in this area.

We are increasingly using electronic time recording systems in our stores. The use of these systems not only increases transparency among staff but also ensures that working hours and breaks are observed across the board.

Growing strategic importance of work-life balance

Work-life balance is an important strategic field of action for us. In addition to part-time offers and reliable working times, particularly in sales, we have begun various national-level initiatives that speak to this topic. Since 2015, Hofer S/E has offered the possibility of taking a sabbatical. A daycare facility is being built on the site of the German ALDI SOUTH national administration in Mülheim an der Ruhr. The facility will meet the specific requirements of our employees by being open year-round and offering flexible daily hours. The facility is due to open in the summer of 2017.

The ALDI SOUTH Group intends to expand its efforts to improve work-life balance through additional measures in order to continually strengthen our position as an employer of choice.