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Training at ALDI – more than just a job

We invest in training talented and motivated young people. At ALDI UK we combine teaching the fundamentals for the field with training in practical skills. ALDI apprenticeships are popular in the UK, especially because they hold the promise of a successful career within the company. Over 700 talented candidates have been recruited to complete their apprenticeships since 2013. Adam Radley is one of them.

Adam, what was the main reason why you applied to the apprenticeship programme at ALDI?

Easy: I wanted a career rather than just a job. ALDI offered me the opportunity of taking on real responsibility and reaching a management position within just three years.

What career opportunities does ALDI offer for participants in the programme?

There are lots of opportunities. The apprenticeship programme is the foundation for further training and advancement – in my case, to Assistant Store Manager.

Can you briefly describe how the programme works?

In the first year, the apprentices are trained as Store Assistants. This covers all of the different areas of responsibility. In the second and third years, the apprentices are given more responsibility. For example, apprentices take on tasks as Deputy Store Managers and are responsible for employee scheduling and the store key.

What were your first impressions when you started?

What is true is that we had to work very hard and that there were high expectations of us in order to be successful. We receive maximum support from ALDI.

Is there a moment that stands out for you?

Once, the Deputy Store Manager had to leave the store unexpectedly – and I was asked to take over his duties. At first it was a bit daunting, but I quickly got a feel for what had to be done. I was proud that I was able to fulfil this role. It gave me a lot more confidence in myself.