Training and professional development for our employees

We do not just want to recruit our employees early on; we also want to support them in their individual development and work with them for a long time. A stable or expanding workforce is a deciding factor for the success of the ALDI SOUTH Group. In all countries, we continuously review how we can further strengthen our position as a retail employer of choice.

Training future leaders

New employees and managers are mainly trained by the ALDI SOUTH Group itself. We also recruit experienced professionals for tasks that require specialised knowledge. As a rule, all employees receive in-depth practical training for each new area of responsibility that they take on. This applies to apprentices and new employees in the same way as to long-term staff members who have transitioned into a new role. (Training at ALDI: Insight ALDI UK)

Apprentices in the sales, logistics, and administration departments assume responsibility early on and have the opportunity to prove their abilities in real life. An example of this is the “Apprentices manage a store” project organised by ALDI SOUTH in Germany. In this project, a group of apprentices are responsible for managing a store for several weeks – from ordering goods to cashing up. The project is managed by experienced training supervisors.

In 2015, we employed a total number of 6,301 apprentices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, and the UK. 70.5% of our apprentices who completed their training in 2015 were offered a permanent job. At the same time, the ALDI SOUTH Group also employed 277 students in dual-study bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes as well as 691 interns and working students.

Training institutions in all national organisations

The possibility for life-long learning and the opportunity for personal development are important criteria for many applicants when choosing an employer. Training and professional development facilities with a national focus were set up in all the ALDI SOUTH Group’s national organisations, such as the ALDI SOUTH Academy in Germany, the ALDI Academy in the UK and Australia, and the Academies in the Hofer S/E national organisations. These academies continually develop and create development programmes for the various professional groups. The aim is to regularly provide tailored training and professional development offers for all employees in future. (Professional development: Insight Hofer in Austria)

Competence models create career opportunities

To ensure targeted personnel development, we base our work on competence models or skills profiles for the respective groups of employees specifically designed for our needs. These profiles define in detail which skills, characteristics, knowledge, and behaviours are necessary for finding success within each position at the various phases of career development. Depending on a person’s performance, appropriate training measures can be selected. Thus, clear job and development profiles are developed that are also used for promotion and recruitment purposes. Competence models or skills profiles are already being used in all countries and are to be expanded to additional professional groups in the future.

New tasks for leaders

Our managers in particular carry special responsibility for helping our employees reach their potential. Thus, we want to give our managers the right tools to react quickly to new developments in the workplace. In addition to professional and organisational skills, managers need the ability to motivate employees, guide them, and help them reach their potential. In Australia, for example, managers are trained as coaches so that they are better able to guide employees in their individual development.

International experiences for leaders

An important component of career development is the ALDI SOUTH Group’s international network. An international exchange programme for leaders has already been implemented in several countries. In most cases, employees on this programme spend two or more years in another ALDI SOUTH Group country to complete the second stage of their career plan.