Our goal is long-term cooperation with our employees. We are developing a number of measures in the national organisations in order to remain an attractive employer for our employees. Today, many employees’ expectations go beyond financial incentives and the prospect of promotion. That is why we are committed to identifying alternative approaches for increasing motivation and engagement with the company even further, in particular via individualised staff development at various levels. Some national organisations are testing new and more reliable working hour models in the stores in order to give employees a better work-life balance. For example, in some countries, staff assignments are planned further in advance and set days off for the employees are included in the planning process.

In the coming years, we intend to gradually develop a strategic health management system. Such a management system is already in planning for Germany.

Demographic change is topic of the future

The consequences of demographic change are presenting the individual national organisations with a variety of national and regional challenges. Currently, we are largely able to compensate for changes in the labour market with the promise of interesting work, high job security, and attractive remuneration. Nevertheless, we will increasingly be faced with this challenge in the future, which is why some national organisations are already working on the development of specific strategies to prepare us for demographic change.

Sustainability enhances attractiveness as an employer

We view the task of upholding our commitment to society and the environment as one of our core responsibilities. ALDI SOUTH thus aims to involve its employees more strongly in topics related to corporate responsibility.

As a result of our wide range of activities, we see ourselves as well on our way to achieving our most important goal with respect to personnel policy: to be perceived as an employer of choice for the best applicants worldwide.