Honest and fair cooperation

The ALDI Management System (AMS) forms the guideline and framework for cooperation in our company. It outlines our organisational structure and describes how we work together in a goaloriented manner. The main aim of the AMS is the delegation of tasks and responsibilities. Every employee has the right to decide independently within their area of responsibility.

The AMS has proven to be a valuable instrument in all countries, also during phases of great expansion. It is our aim that all employees are familiar with the AMS and its core elements. In the last employee survey in 2014, 85.7% of employees worldwide said they agreed with the statement “I am familiar with the ALDI Management System (AMS)”. All of our employees regularly receive AMS training as part of their onboarding as well as during their professional development.

Better ideas for future success

We want to make full use of our employees’ potential and thereby increase their loyalty to our company. An idea management system was introduced in the Hofer S/E national organisations in 2014 and at ALDI SOUTH in Germany in 2015.

Supporting diversity, fighting discrimination

We are an international group with a diverse workforce. At ALDI SOUTH, all employees have the prospect of professional development, regardless of origin, religion, ideology, age, gender, physical ability, or sexual orientation. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination. This would be in conflict with the honest and respectful manner of interaction that is a central element of our corporate culture. In all ALDI SOUTH countries, we have set up independent complaints handling systems which employees may contact if they feel they have been discriminated against or if there have been any other breaches of regulations. (Compliance and risk management)

Equal opportunities

of management positions held by women

In every national organisation within the ALDI SOUTH Group, men and women working in the same position receive the same remuneration. The share of women employed by the company varies depending on the national organisation. In total, 65.9% of our staff are women. 39.2% of management positions are currently held by women.

Communicating on all channels

Continuous dialogue and a culture of honest communication create an atmosphere that is shaped by mutual understanding and respect. To communicate with its employees, the ALDI SOUTH Group uses a variety of channels, such as newsletters and employee magazines. An intranet is also being developed in Germany and the USA, respectively.

The ALDI Management System (AMS)

In the AMS, we commit ourselves to providing all employees with feedback on the success of their activities. Through performance reviews, the future path of professional development as well as individual goals are discussed regularly with our employees. Our aim is to intensify these performance reviews for employees who have been with the company for longer than one year. According to the results of the 2014 employee survey, two-thirds of our employees were already participating in regular performance reviews.

Employee surveys are carried out on a regular basis. In order to receive honest answers, the data is anonymised and compiled by external service providers. This allows us to learn more about our employees’ opinions regarding our company and find out how satisfied they are. Satisfaction levels in particular are already high. In 2014, for example, over 80% of our employees agreed with the statement “In general, ALDI/Hofer is an excellent employer”.

Honest communication

A culture of honest communication between employees and managers enables fair interactions and the resolution of workplace conflicts.