Health and safety in the workplace

The ALDI SOUTH Group is committed to creating a healthy and safe working environment for its employees. We regularly carry out numerous individual measures that are aimed directly at the specific conditions of each area of work. In addition to the usual or legally required measures – from safety equipment for employees in the stores to protective gear for those in freezer logistics – we take safety in the workplace very seriously and are continually working on improvements.

Accident prevention training

We want to increase our employees’ awareness of occupational safety. That is why we organise precise safety induction seminars at all workplaces and train our employees in safety matters.

When it comes to the prevention of accidents, we especially concentrate our activities on the areas with a higher potential for accidents. This particularly applies to work in logistics and in sales, for example, when filling the shelves and fridges with products.

Ergonomically designed workplaces

ALDI SOUTH cares about the health of its employees as this is the foundation for both their well-being and their performance. We are also optimising our work processes with regard to health risks and are creating healthier and more pleasant working conditions wherever possible. To do so, we use modern technical equipment and design ergonomic workplaces.

One example of this is the optimised placement of the barcodes on our products’ packaging. Since the introduction of scanner checkouts, we have continually improved our packaging together with our suppliers so that they can be scanned quickly and easily at the register. This means the products only have to be lifted in exceptional cases. This speeds up the checkout process and puts less strain on our employees.

National health protection initiatives launched

The ALDI SOUTH Group’s national organisations partly follow different approaches with respect to designing a health-friendly working environment. With “FAST and SAFE” and “Front End Efficiency”, ALDI US has initiated programmes that combine improved work efficiency with increased well-being for the employees. “FAST and SAFE” is a two-fold programme that identifies unfavourable ergonomic habits and inefficiencies common in the reload process. Training programmes have been put in place to educate employees on proper reload technique. The “Front End Efficiency” programme focusses on ergonomics, efficiency, and customer service at the checkout.

In 2014, ALDI in Australia established a health and safety committee, thereby creating its own structure for tasks relating to occupational safety.